You are currently viewing Arap Marindich Biography: Tiktok Videos, Memes, Comedy, Profile, & Naivasha Safari Rally Drama
Photo: Arap Marindich Biography & Naivasha Safari Rally Drama . SRC: @ArapMarindich

Arap Marindich Biography: Tiktok Videos, Memes, Comedy, Profile, & Naivasha Safari Rally Drama

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Arap Marindich memes are awash on social media with exceeding following in countries such as Italy, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Uganda, and Kenya. He continues to populate his following with tickling facial expressions. Arap Marindich biography is an interesting life story.

His funniness Marindich came to the limelight amid Safari Rally Kenya 2022 held at Naivasha. He is still trending with an increased appetite for more comedy.

Arap Marindich profile summary

  • DOB: 1985
  • Age: 37 years
  • Real Name: Kennedy Lang’at

Arap Marindich biography

Kennedy Lang'at Arap Marindich memes and videos
Photo: Kennedy Lang’at Arap Marindich memes and videos . SRC: @ArapMarindich

The world has come to love Marindich for displaying full-blown art behind the wheel.

He is not your ordinary meme lord when it comes to organic videos and reels. Mostly importantly, Marindich is a married man with one son.

Kennedy Lang’at Arap Marindich age

How old is Marindich? Born in 1985, Arap Marindich age is 37 years as of 2022.

The jokester from Bomet County is of the Kalenjin tribe in the Rift Valley region.

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Marindich educational background

Kennedy Lang’at attended Kerundut Primary School. After his KCPE exams, he proceeded to Kaplong Boys High School.

He would drop out before joining form 3 for lack of school fees.

“Ni fees ilikuwa meleta shida, sasa baba yangu akaniambia nataka niuzehii kangombe nikulipie shule. Nikamwambia sasa hiyo Ksh. 18,000 umeuza, hii hiwezi maliza hii iwezi maliza shule yote mpaka university. Sasa nikamwambia fanya hivi, unipeleke driving school.”

Arap Marindich.

Marindich who comes from a low-income family went on to join the hassling community in 2002 at the age of 17 years – at first as a farmer and later a driver.

Arap Marindich driving career history

Marindich received support from his father to join Itembe driving school.

Upon completion of the course, he launched his career as a tout and later a matatu driver.

“After I was done with the driver’s training I did small gigs as a conductor before I was fully employed as a matatu driver plying the Litein-Kericho-Bomet routes.”

Arap Marindich.

In 2006, Marindich relocated to Nairobi City County for the job of a personal driver. While in the capital, he doubled up as a taxi and matatu driver.

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On one of his rides, Arap Marindich met Tula Chemoget who would become his boss and comedy manager.

Tula not only challenged him into comedy but also conceived the breakthrough Safari Rally idea.

After all, it is Tula who gave him the nickname Marindich to mean an adult with strange facial expressions.

Marindich’s Naivasha Safari Rally memes

Arap Marindich and Tula Chemoget embraced the idea of comedy in 2016.

They would get a breakthrough on June 27th, 2022.

“My then employer Tula Chemoget who is my current manager introduced me to comedy in 2016. The trending video that shot to the limelight is the one from the Safari Rally in Naivasha.”

Arap Marindich.

It all started with Tula convincing Marindich to shoot a mock video of the Naivasha Safari Rally.

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Instead of heading to Naivasha, the duo chose Ong’ata Rongai for their hilarious Tiktok video.

Arap Marindich Tiktok video

The viral video of Marindich explains how tiring and demanding the Naivasha-held World Rally Championship (WRC) turned out.

His funny response to the interviewer would become a word wide seller joke.

“Yeah this is my navigator and our sponsors the race was fun, we almost got stuck, and ultimately we found ourselves in the bush. Take a look at some of the tree branches stuck in our car.”

Arap Marindich.

The dust-covered and tough-eyed Marindich in a funny helmet went on narrating his odd experience in the local dialect.

Memes of Marindich have since featured trending topics and personalities such as Chloe Kelly.

His face is particularly pricey when it comes to the depiction of mounting anticipation.

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