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PHOTO: Ayub Abdikadir Ruto Interview; Hard-hitting Questions, Aftermath Photo, Online Reactions-Fans . SRC: #FontsMediaKe

Ayub Abdikadir Ruto Interview: Hard-hitting Questions, Aftermath Photo, Online Reactions-Fans

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Netizens online showered praises on Citizen Tv’s Ayub Abdikadir, after a relentless media interview with President Ruto William Ruto. The Ayub Abdikadir Ruto Interview is on praise for what has been termed as in-depth, thoughtful and impeccable preparation that led to a heated and engaging conversation.

President Ruto’s second media roundtable interview that took place on Sunday, May 14, at the State House Kenya shade more light on the state of the nation.

Relentless Ayub Abdikadir Ruto Interview Questions

Abdikadir faced Ruto with thoughtful and hard-hitting questions that left Kenyans marvelling at his outstanding skill.

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The tough questions that included Housing Fund tax, Financial bill and Dp Gachagua’s statements, left the Commander-in-Chief thinking but he always found a way to answer them in his own way.

President Ruto at some point called him Hussein.

Ayub Abdikadir: Is Housing Fund a tax?

President Ruto: It’s not a tax it’s a contribution.

Ayub: Why is it legally binding?

President Ruto: It is not legally binding.

Ayub: Why should I be forced to contribute?

President Ruto: Wewe wacha  mambo yako Hussein.

Abdikadir and President Ruto interview

Analysts add that Ayub is fitting nicely into the big shoes of Hussein Muhammed who chose a different path.

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Moreover, other journalists asked questions about the “Ruto Plan” regarding the current state of the nation.

Reactions from fans: Aftermath

As always, fans throbbed in with different reactions.

Ayub on his official Twitter account also shared a photo of him posing with the president just after the fierce interview. Captioning it “The Aftermath”

Kenyans on Twitter reacted as follows.

“I wish Kenya had more of this probing journalist like Ayub Abdikadir- complete with the courage and confidence of professionally telling President William Ruto….”

@Stephene Mutoro

 “Geesi geesi delay, ina libaax san kabaate. Smart, intelligent and GOAT!”

@Abdinoor Alimahndi

And so, the exceptional journalistic prowess displayed by Ayu Abdikadir during the riveting interview with President Ruto stands as a testament to Kenyan media’s dedication, perseverance and skill.

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This remarkable encounter with Ayub Abdikadir Ruto Interview will surely see him rise to greater heights.

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