Computer Colleges in Kisii & Nyamira

11 Best Computer Colleges in Kisii & Nyamira Counties: List of Top ICT Schools with Contacts

Our digital world is in great need of people with computing skills at their fingertips. Institutions offering information and communication technology courses are as a result attracting more learners than the rest. Enlisted are some of the best computer colleges in Kisii County.

ICT is a broad field including Microsoft Office-based packages, graphic design, website development, and computer repairs. In our list are higher learning institutions where you can pursue Information Technology at a certificate, diploma, degree, or postgraduate level.

11 Best computer colleges in Kisii County

While it is possible to acquire new computer skills from YouTube, it is important to graduate from an accredited college.

The latter is particularly crucial when applying for jobs and dealing with qualification-conscious clients. What are the best computer colleges in Kisii Town?

1. Kisii University

The higher learning institution offers holistic ICT training.

Phone number+254712326047
P.O Box408

2. The Kisii National Polytechnic – formerly GIT

KNP College is outstanding at the root of the Kisii-Nairobi Highway.

Phone number0752031300
PO. Box222
Zip code40200

The institution offers both certificate and diploma courses in computer packages.

3. Elgon View College – Kisii Campus

The institution is located at the Golf House Building near Gusii Stadium. The main campus is located along Eldoret Oloo Street.

Mobile number0716812898
Po. Box4063
Zip code40200

4. Citizen College

Citizen College is an IC3 computer institution within Kisii County.  It is located in Kisii town and Keroka town.

Kisii branchUmoja Complex, 3rd Floor Room 8 (above Family Bank)
Keroka branchNeighbour House, 1st Floor, Room 2
Telephone number0790501952
Mobile number0790501961
Po. Box909
Zip code40200

Citizen College branches in Kilgoris and Nyamache are no longer operational.

5. St. Ann’s College

St. Ann is a trusted computer training centre in Kisii County. It is located in various parts of Gusiiland including the following;

Ogembo branch
Kisii townUhuru Plaza, 4-6th Floors
Kisii branchSansora Building, 1st Floor
Suneka branch
Nyamira branch
Phone number0723506031
PO. Box110
Zip code40200

The college offers ICT studies in collaboration with St Paul’s University.

6. Philips Business Training Institute

Situated within ST. Jude’s Building, first floor, is the privately owned Philips Business Training Institute.

Phone number0720949254
PO. Box2846

The institute specializes in both secretarial and computer courses.

7. Borabu Technical College

Borabu is a private technical college located along Kisii-Kericho Road.

Mobile number074621176
Po. Box9
Zip code40200

8. Carsons Technology Training

The college is located within Kisii town, Uhuru Plaza, 4th Floor.

Phone number0721332105
PO Box420
Zip Code40200

List of all computer colleges in Kisii County

Esmart Technical College0728355354
Riragia Technical College0723893872
Paradise college0726143197

Contact your favourite ICT School today to start realizing your professional dreams.

What are the 12 computer packages?

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Internet and Emailing
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Introduction to Outlook
  • Introduction to Computers
  • Introduction to Spreadsheets

Financial literacy and basic design lessons are part of the IC3 syllabus in most computer institutions.

The above enlisted are among the best computer colleges in Kisii County. Most of them are one-stop centres for anyone wishing to become computer literate.

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