Best Hiking Places in Kisii list

Best Hiking Places in Kisii list: Manga Hills & Keera Falls – 10 Top Places to Visit in Kisii

The best hiking places in Kisii are beyond the obvious when it comes to natural picnics. They are ideal for anyone seeking an exotic feel outside the central business district. Break the pressing cycle of urban life with our tour friendly sites around town.

Are you seeking a hiking site within the vicinity of Kisii Town? Rest easy because we have options for you and your team. Some of these sites require little to no transport fee, making them a perfect choice for adventure lovers. Most importantly, they are a good pick for a memorable date.

Places to Visit in Kisii: Why Visit Kisii County?

Thousands tour Kisii and Nyamira counties to close business deals and witness soapstone carvings.

On the other hand, those interested to learn more about the Abagusii people often turn to the villages in Kisii County for solutions.

The two counties are home to the Kisii people and stand out as the best places to visit in Kenya.

They are indeed destination regions in the western parts of Kenya for their enriched topography and funfair sites.

The need to explore outside commercial hubs is evident with the Kisii County Population and the Nyamira County population rising by the day.

Picnic sites in Kisii

Fun hunters have enough choices when it comes to picnic sites.

Even so, there are enough hotels, hills, cultural sites, swimming pools, waterfalls, and landscapes to guarantee an endless stream of excitement.

Overall, the costs are pocket friendly regardless of whether you are seeking a vacation destination or a team-building experience.

Best hiking places in Kisii County

The sloppy landscape that makes Kisii highlands offer attractive sites for residents and visitors.

Some of the preferred tourist sites in Kisii County include the following.

  • Sameta Hills
  • Manga Hills
  • Nyanchwa Hills
  • Nyamasibi Hills
  • Kiong’anyo Hills
  • Nyakwana Waterfalls
  • Gusii Cultural Festival
  • Tabaka Soapstone Mine

There are several travel agencies in Kisii for those without a guide within their team. Luckily, most of the favourite sites are highly accessible.

Places to visit in Nyamira County

County number 46 borders Kisii, Bomet, Homabay, and Kericho counties. Discovering Nyamira County starts with various eye-cleansing sites the region has to offer.

  • Keera Falls
  • Manga Hills
  • Nkoora Hills
  • River Gucha
  • Emanga Ridge
  • Bonyunyu Dam
  • Kiabonyuru Hill

The Nyamira County map reveals no less of a green site with plentiful nature-loving hotspots.

Travel agencies in Kisii and Nyamira Counties

The feel of Kisii Town 2020 is better experienced now than before.

Those planning to hunt for recreation within the town’s surroundings have these agencies to count on.

  • Ena Coach
  • Tour Safaris
  • Galaxy Shuttle
  • Transline Classic
  • Easy Coach Ltd
  • Premium travelers
  • Kent Tours N Travel 
  • Premium travelers
  • Navana Tours And Travel Ltd

Photographer Kisii – take one with you

What is better than keeping a good memory in a photograph? Make it a point to choose the best Kisii Photo studio for your trip photoshoot.

Nick Media Studio comes in handy when planning a perfect trip with the best Kisii town photos in mind.

If in need of further help on planning a dream hike, then reach us on +254713860652.

Be sure that we will gladly offer you all the information you may need beforehand. Good luck with your hiking plans.  

Finally, it is worth noting that not all the best hiking places in Kisii and Nyamira are directly accessible by foot from the Kisii town CBD. For this reason, you may need a means of transport before proceeding with the hiking part nearer to the site.

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