Best Preschools in Kisii County

10 Best Preschools in Kisii County: Fee Structure, Contacts, Location, Addresses, & Curriculum

Busy schedules and heavy workloads can sometimes be hectic for parents with young children. As a result, getting a trusted play school or playgroup is a great deal. Enlisted the best preschools in Kisii County.

Working moms can now show up at the workplace knowing that their kids are safe in an institution with trained educators. Even better, these young ones stand a chance to acquire primary skills such as speech and confidence.

List of 10 Best preschools in Kisii County

Preschools are preferable to a maid because they guarantee holistic social development in the process of making new friends.

These 10 pre-schools are ahead with an attractive curriculum and a reasonable fee structure.

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1. Kaizen Kindergarten Kisii

Kaizen is a premier Christian School that offers quality care, Nurturing & Development to young children.

An inviting environment broods curiosity and fun. Three Kaizen kindergarten branches are located in Gesonso, Borabu, and Nyambera.

Age (years)Level
1 – 3Daycare
2.5 – 3.5Playgroup
5+Grade 1 – 3

Apart from class work, Kaizen is ideal for extra co-curricular activities such as swimming, karate, and piano.

Kaizen fee structure for daycare

Per dayKsh. 300
Per weekKsh. 1,400
Per monthKsh. 5,000

Kaizen Kindergarten contacts

Phone number0723506031
P.O. Box110
Postal address40200

2. Olive Hill School

The prestigious Olive Hill School is located between Mwembe SDA Church and PCEA Church – meters away is the monumental Cathedral Church.

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The school focuses on both academic and practical life skills

Olive Hill School contacts

Phone number0713904177
P.O. Box

Interviews are open for newcomers. Contact the helpdesk for more information.

3. Fairmonts International School

The kindergarten unit and primary unit at Fairmonts International School is an excellent centre for a strong life foundation.

The colourful institution is located near Suneka in Bonchari Constituency.

Fairmonts international School contacts
Po. Box
Phone number0797967370

4. Comai Daycare

Within the vicinity of Gusii Stadium is Comai Daycare which admits little angels for smart skills.

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Comai Daycare contacts

Phone number0721 483252
Po. Box627
Postal Address40200

5. Potters Haven School

The Potters Haven School is found at PEFA Daraja Mbili church grounds. With Potters, your young kid is assured of a firm academic foundation.

Phone number0721958735
Po. Box4041
Postal Address40200

Piano, swimming, and guitar training among others, are the skills your kid can learn while at Potters haven School.

A list of all the best preschools in Kisii County is underway.

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