Best Sauti Sol songs list

25 Best Sauti Sol songs list, members, albums, lyrics, YouTube concerts, net worth and contacts

The Kenyan afro-pop Sauti Sol Band from 2005 is a force to reckon when it comes to lyrical hits and Trendy albums. A list of best Sauti Sol songs says no less about their fame and pride.

The boy band of four was initially a cappella group of three. Times changed for the better and we now have a full-blown crew of loveable singers. Details are clearer in the upcoming sections of Sauti Sol biography.

25 best Sauti Sol songs and latest albums

Sauti Sol YouTube Channel with close to one million subscribers is a fireplace of musical tunes.

Top in the list of Sauti Sol music are these compositions

  1. Relax
  2. Nairobi
  3. Suzanna
  4. Isabella
  5. Insecure 
  6. Sura Yako
  7. Nenda Lote
  8. Still the One
  9. Feel My Love
  10. Mbwe Mbwe
  11. Money Lover
  12. Shake Yo Bam
  13. Feel My Love
  14. Brighter Days
  15. Midnight Train
  16. Extravaganza
  17. Live and Die in Africa
  18. Melanin Ft Patoranking
  19. Afrikan Star ft Burna Boy
  20. Tujiangalie ft Nyashinski
  21. My Everything ft India Aria
  22. Short and Sweet ft Nyashinski
  23. Unconditionally Bae ft Alikiba
  24. Africa by Yemi Alade ft Sauti Sol
  25. Kuliko Jana ft RedFourth Chorus

These soulful vibes are the reason why the group is above the rest.

List of albums since 2008

The notorious Sauti Sol has so far released 5 studio albums with several covers and concerts.

Enlisted are all the albums and year of release.

  • Mwanzo (2008)
  • Sol Filosofia (2011)
  • Live and Die in Afrika (2015)
  • Afrikan Sauce (2019)
  • Midnight Train (2020)

List of 4 Sauti Sol members

Sauti Sol comprises four members including the following;

  1. Bien real name Aime Baraza – a pianist, guitarist, and songwriter
  2. Willis Chimano – a keystar, baritone, and performer 
  3. Savara Mudigi – a drummer, bass guitarist, producer, and vocalist
  4. Polycarp Otieno – a composer, producer, and guitarist

Sauti Sol is the best Kenyan band today with multi-talented singers and a series of hit songs.

Sauti Sol net worth

For the record, Sauti Sol wealth is at least Ksh. 300 million as of 2022. Much of this lump sum is from worldwide tours, salaries, and investments.

On top of that, the long-lived Sauti Sol has earned multiple recognitions and awards.

Sauti Sol contacts provided below are handy.

  • Twitter: @sautisol
  • Instagram: @sautisol
  • Facebook: @sautisol
  • Website:

DM or email the Sauti Sol team at

The best Sauti Sol songs have exceeded millions of views; in the process attracting good deals and cross-border tours. A ballooning audience is particularly notable.

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