Best WiFi Internet Providers in Kilgoris

10 Best WiFi Internet Providers in Kilgoris [Narok County] Safaricom Broadband Plans & Prices

The digital community is on the lookout for the best WiFi internet providers in Kilgoris town. Covered herein are preferred ISPs and their monthly packages.

The long list of cyber cafes in Kilgoris town suggests high demand for reliable internet connectivity.

10 Best WiFi internet providers in Kilgoris Town

Leading internet suppliers in Kilgoris town range from individuals to corporates such as Safaricom PLC.

Summarized below are some of the pocket-friendly plans on offer.

1. Safaricom 4G Internet for business plans

The progressive Safaricom PLC is dominant in Kilgoris town with monthly broadband plans.

Here are the new Safaricom Home 4G Plans and Bundles for 2023.

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BundlesDaily allocationPrices
540GB18GBKsh. 12,499
240GB8GBK Ksh. 6,299
150GB5GBKsh. 4,100
105GB3.5GBKsh. 2,999

The validity of all the above-tabulated bundles is 30 days.

All you need is a Safaricom 4G for home router to get connected.

MiFi routerMax no. devicesPrice
Huawei B31132Ksh. 5,999
Huawei B53564Ksh. 10,999

You will be able to enjoy the internet by purchasing one of the above routers and then asking Safaricom for installation at your home or business.

Full list of Kilgoris ISPs and cybercafes

  • Genesis 1 Cyber – 0724 526088
  • Capital Cyber Café – 0710 956050
  • Simba Telecom-Kilgoris –  0704 492613
  • The Hub Computers Kilgoris – 0713 112891
  • Ellymax Computers Kilgoris
  • Puan Tim Cyber Services
  • Digital Desire Printers
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Included above are cyber cafes with dependable access to the world wide web.

Safaricom LTE ranks highly in the list of best WiFi internet providers in Kilgoris town. Call now for inquiries and installation.

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