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15 Best WiFi Internet Providers in Muthaiga: Coverage Areas, Installation & Subscription Prices

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Looking for the best WiFi internet providers in Muthaiga? Then you are in the right place for a complete list of the most preferred ISPs, their coverage areas, installation requirements, and monthly subscription charges.

There are enough plans for both residents and business persons seeking reliable connectivity in the affluent Muthaiga estate and its neighborhood.

15 Best WiFi Internet Providers in Muthaiga

The role of the internet in our daily lives is becoming more evident by the day. Presented below are wireless and fiber ISPs alongside their offers and rates.

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How much is unlimited internet in Muthaiga?

1. Internet Solutions Muthaiga

The ISP firm is located at Purshottam Place, along Uhuru Highway. Call 020 3600000 or email for help.

Apart from house connections, Internet Solutions is adept with cloud web security, co-locating hosting, business fiber, and cloud connections.

2. SharpTech Wireless

SharpTech offers Wireless, cables, and leased lines internet solutions across Muthaiga.

The company head offices are situated along Kamiti Road, off Thika Highway. Call 0728463836 for help.

3. Wavelink Networks

Wavelink charges between Ksh. 1,500 and Ksh. 5,000 for internet speeds of up to 15 Mbps.

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Visit Wave Link Networks at City View along Jogoo Rd Nairobi or call customer care at +254748111304.

4. Vijiji Connect Ltd

VGG also called Vijiji Connect charges between Ksh. 2,900 and Ksh. 6,500 for internet speeds of up to 40 Mbps.

Call +254111015555 or visit the ISP along Mirema Road at Safari Avenue, Nairobi.

There are even more ISPs in Muthaiga

  • Poa internet – 0730862862
  • Zuku Internet – 0205222222
  • Liquid Telecom – 0709500500
  • Safaricom Home Fibre – *400#
  • Tangerine Limited – 0203341760
  • BSS Africa Limited – 0730100000
  • MyISP Limited – 0730911000
  • BT Fibre Network – 0755448854
  • Bandwidth and Cloud Services – 0202667249
  • Broadband Communication Networks – 0734026409
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The cost of installation and subscription varies across internet providers depending on accessibility and mode of transmission.

The best WiFi internet providers in Muthaiga include Wavelink, Internet Solutions, VGG, SharpTech, Poa, Zuku, and Safaricom Home Fibre.

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