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25 Best WiFi Internet Providers in Tanzania: Zuku, Liquid Home, Konnect Packages, & Contacts

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The list of best WiFi internet providers in Tanzania runs deep with gigabyte speeds and pocket-friendly packages. Locals are as a result thriving on social media and remote tasks.

The internet is a wildfire of knowledge and lucrative deals across cultural divides. It is a gold mine of entertainment and new possibilities in workplaces.

 25 Best WiFi internet providers in Tanzania

The digital economy of Tanzania has been excelling since 1995 when internet accessibility became a reality.

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We expect even better digital days in Tanzania with millions of nationals already connected to the World Wide Web.

1. Zuku internet Tanzania

The ISP offers both home and business internet solutions at no installation fees.

Zuku triple play home packages are as follows;

Zuku home internet & TV packages

PackagesInternet costInternet +TV
10 MbpsTsh. 69,000Tsh. 79,000
20 MbpsTsh. 99,000Tsh. 129,000
40 MbpsTsh. 129,000Tsh. 159,000
100 MbpsTsh. 249,000Tsh. 289,000

Zuku business internet & TV packages

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PackagesInternet cost
10 MbpsTsh. 149,000
20 MbpsTsh. 199,000
40 MbpsTsh. 249,000

Zuku WiFi contacts

Telephone0699 990 300

2. Liquid Home Tanzania

The internet company guarantees unlimited internet at the following rates.

There are 6 liquid fibre packages;

PackagesInternet cost
10 MbpsTsh. 50,000
20 MbpsTsh. 60,000
40 MbpsTsh. 85,000
50 MbpsTsh. 100,000
80 MbpsTsh. 125,000
100 MbpsTsh. 250,000

Call Liquid home customer care phone number +255 688 111 222 for installation.

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3. Gofiber internet

PackagesInternet cost
20 MbpsTsh. 75,000
40 MbpsTsh. 125,000
100 MbpsTsh. 249,000

Call 0712788748 for technical support abnd 0677300120 for installation and support.

4. Konnect internet Tanzania

PackagesInternet cost
20 MbpsTsh. 60,000
30 MbpsTsh. 110,000
50 MbpsTsh. 175,000

Call +255759886644 to find your nearest internet distributor.

Full list of wifi companies in tanzania

  1. Airtel Tanzania – +255694100100
  2. Vodacom – +255754700000
  3. Blink Internet – +255 767 007 170
  4. Wia Internet – +255766232222
  5. Cats-net fibre – +255652098283
  6. BNH Communications – +255782912121

Merits include WiFi dependability and budget.

Go online with our list of the best WiFi internet providers in Tanzania.

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