Bonchari Constituency aspirants

Bonchari Constituency aspirants: Oimeke Robert Pavel Obwoto replaces MP John Oroo, IEBC results

The sudden death of Bonchari MP John Oroo left an administrative vacuum in the legislative position. In response, several contestants submitted their papers for the May 18th by-election exercise. IEBC cleared Bonchari Constituency aspirants and winner have since been confirmed.

The legislative position attracted the youths, women, and men of calibre from across the region. It is now official that Pavel Oimeke is winner of the recently held Bonchari by election of May 18, 2020.  

Bonchari Constituency by election results 2021

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) announced Pavel Oimeke as winner of the Bonchari by election with a vote count of 8, 049. Here is a breakdown.

  1. Oimeke Robert Pavel Obwoto – 8,049 votes
  2. Opore Zebedeo John – 7,279 votes
  3. Oroo Teresa Bitutu – 6,964 votes
  4. Onkendi Ondieki Jonah – 1,374 votes
  5. Nyakeya Erick Oigo – 1,169 votes
  6. Oyugi David Ogega – 939 votes
  7. Keraa Mary Sally – 161 votes
  8. Mogaka Charles Ndege – 143 votes
  9. Nyabuto Magaret Gesare – 132 votes
  10. Omanwa Victor Omare – 130 votes
  11. Atancha Jeremiah – 112 votes
  12. Matagaro Paul Mongiti – 41 votes
  13. Mosomi Kevin Mokaya – 33 votes

As a result, Oimeke Robert Pavel Obwoto is winner of the much contested political position in the National Assembly of Kenya.

Full list of all 13 Bonchari Constituency aspirants 2021

Who were the most popular Member of Parliament contestants in the race?

1. Pavel Oimeke – former EPRA Deputy General

Oimeke Pavel was a preferred Orange Democratic Movement candidate for the MP seat.

He was previously a deputy general in the Energy Petroleum Regulatory Commission.

2. Teresa Bitutu – late MP John Oroo’s widow

Mrs Bitutu campaigned with the United Democratic Alliance, UDA party ticket.

She remained steady with a full swing support of the hustlers’ movement.

3. Hon Zebedeo Opore – former MP

The Jubilee Party presented Hon Zebedeo Opore for the seat.

He is a former 3-time member of parliament in the constituency

More Bonchari Constituency aspirants in MP by election

Bonchari by election results winner 2021 declared by IEBC
Photo: Bonchari by election results 2021 . SRC: @JacobNyarwaba

Apart from Bitutu, Hon Opore, and Oimeke the following took part in the by election.

  1. Paul Matagaro – Mwangaza Party ticket
  2. Jeremiah Matagaro – Agano Party, AP ticket
  3. Jonah Ondieki – The New Democrats, TND ticket
  4. David Ogega – Kenya Social Congress, KSC ticket
  5. Kevin Mosomi – Party of Democratic Unity, PDU ticket
  6. Charles Mogaka – Progressive Party of Kenya, PPK ticket
  7. Eric Oigo – National Reconstruction Alliance, NRA ticket
  8. Keraa Mary Otara – United Green Movement, UGM ticket
  9. Margret Gesare Nyabuto – Maendeleo Chap Chap ticket
  10. Victor Omanwa – People’s Economic Development, PED ticket

All the listed Bonchari Constituency aspirants successfully submitted their nomination certificates at Suneka Baraza hall for electoral body clearance on March 2021.

Bonchari by election date revealed

The Bonchari by election dates were May 18, 2021. The electoral body was also set to conduct a similar exercise in both Juja and Garissa.

Juja residents in Kiambu had lost MP Francis Munyua Waititu (Wakapee) following a long battle with brain cancer.

On the other hand, Garissa constitutes had lost their 80 year old senator Yusuf Haji on February 15, 2021 after a long time illness.  

Senator Yusuf died at the Nairobi based Aga Khan University Hospital.

The unopposed Abdulkadir Mohamed Haji succeeded his father unopposed.

What happened to Bonchari Constituency MP John Oroo?

Honourable John Oroo succumbed on Monday, February 15, 2021 at the Kisumu based Aga Khan Hospital after battling a long time illness.

The heated race will certainly end with a new MP succeeding the late MP John Oroo.

Elsewhere, Bonchari Constituency map indicate that the region is within Kisii County.

All the cleared Bonchari Constituency aspirants lost to Oimeke Robert Pavel Obwoto of ODM. The political wheel drags on even as political cameras start to focus elsewhere.

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