Bungoma Prophet Summoned by DCI

Bungoma Prophet Summoned by DCI: Self-Proclaimed “Yohana Wa Tano” Has 42 Wives & 239 Children

An 83-year preacher in Bungoma has made the news headlines proclaiming himself to be “Nabii Yohana Wa Tano.” Ronald Nakila Wanyama has been summoned to shed more light on the operations of his Muungano Church of All Nations. The ‘Bungoma prophet summoned by DCI’ news comes amid investigations into churches in the region and the soundness of their doctrines.

The self-proclaimed Bungoma Prophet has 42 wives and 239 children besides writing his own 93-book Bible that he uses to preach at his ministry.

Self-proclaimed Bungoma Prophet summoned by DCI

Nabii “Yohana Wa Tano” hails from Nandolia village, Bukembe East Ward in Bungoma County.

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The preacher is required to present himself to the police on Friday and defend his ministry teaching.  

Bungoma County Police Commander Francis Kooli defended the summoning stating that he is only carrying out his mandate to ensure all churches follow the right channel

“I’m not harassing anybody. I’m only undertaking the government’s mandate to ensure that churches operating in this region follow the right channel.”


The police commander visited the Muungano Church of All Nations in Nandolia village where he politely asked Nabii to carry his items of work to the station for a “chat.”

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Further reports indicate that the preacher has devised his own commandments, adding two more to Moses’s 10 commandments.

Kooli received complaints from neighbours that the preacher mixes his prayers with herbal medicine.

“I summoned him to my office on June 2 for questioning. I want him to clarify his teachings. There are allegations that he mixes his biblical teachings with herbal medicines. He needs to clarify if he is a preacher or a witch doctor.”


Kooli visited Nabii’s home on Monday while the prophet was absent but his tenth wife, Catherine Nalonja affirmed to the police that he will present himself to answer the questions.

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 The reports come a few weeks after Yesu wa Tongaren was also summoned by the police.  

 As events leading to Bungoma’s prophet summon by DCI continue to unravel, Kenyans are cautioned to remain vigilant against illegal and unsound doctrines. Many may possess charisma just to attract followers.

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