Burkina Faso President Ibrahim Traore

Burkina Faso President Ibrahim Traore: Putin Blamed for Coup that Dethroned Paul-Henri Damiba

Burkina Faso president Ibrahim Traore is sparking worldwide conversation following the dethronement of Paul-Henri Damiba. Elsewhere, Putin is on the spot for allegedly taking part in the coup.

Damiba was removed from office for his inability to counter an armed uprising in his transitional government. Further sources say a coup from 9 months ago left Burkina Faso vulnerable.

Burkina Faso President Ibrahim Traore

An official statement indicates that Traore is the new “Head of State and Supreme Head of the Armed Forces.”

Captain Kiswendsida Farouk Azaria Sorgho who is a spokesman for the military government affirmed Traore’s appointment on National television.

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In his words, Farouk said Traore is effectively a “guarantor of national independence, territorial integrity… and continuity of the State.”

The Friday, July 28 2023, coup resulted in the fleeing of President Damiba to Togo. He would step down on Sunday amid escalating terrorism and political standoff.

Damiba left office in the middle of a historic humanitarian crisis. As we speak, at least 2 million people are displaced with the majority residing in refugee camps.

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Demonstrations against French involvement in Burkina Faso politics are ongoing even as Russian President Putin swings into the big picture.

Peacemakers from around the world have condemned the “unconstitutional change of government.”

“Refrain from any acts of violence or threats to the civilian population, civil liberties, human rights”.

AU Chief Moussa Faki Mahamat.

He added the need to restore order with immediate effect.

Burkina Faso President Ibrahim Traore born in 1988 is now 35 years old.

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