Why Raila Cancelled Wednesday-Friday Demonstrations

5 Reasons Why Raila Cancelled Wednesday-Friday Demonstrations – Police Brutality & ICC Fears

Azimio La Umoja leader Raila Odinga has cancelled Wednesday-Friday demonstrations. Instead, the opposition leader will lead a candle lighting function for at least 50 protesters who succumbed to police brutality.

Therefore, antigovernment protests scheduled for next week, Wednesday, July 26, 2023, will not take place.

5 Reasons Why Raila Cancelled Wednesday-Friday Demonstrations

Kenya Kwanza government is on the other hand tightening the police force to deal with anyone at the standoff.

Political analysts argue that ODM leader Raila Odinga called off the bloody demonstrations for these five reasons.

  1. Because of subtle diplomacy pending investigations
  2. De-escalating national tension that is building along ethnic lines
  3. Taking time off to honour freedom martyrs and at least 50 Kenyans who lost their lives
  4. Retreating to re-strategize on a more effective way of calling the government of William Ruto to order regarding escalating cost of living
  5. The opposition is afraid of more Kenyans losing their lives in the hands of armed police officers
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Advisors may have as well warned the opposition about the ineffectiveness of demonstrations at a time of economic crisis and street fatigue.

“We are calling Kenyans to come out and light candles and lay flowers in remembrance of and respect for the victims.

The opposition directed its supporters to light candles, lay flowers, say prayers, and read out the names of the individuals it claims were victims of police brutality.

We have visited hospitals and morgues and we have established that police and hired gangs have shot and killed or wounded scores of people at close range.”

Azimio Statement.

Hundred with grave injuries are still nursing injuries in homes and various hospitals across the country.

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The cessation of Maandamano continues to ignite mixed reactions among critics and supporters.

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