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5 Unique Characteristics of Luo Ladies: Dholuo Women Facts in Marriage, Dating & Wife Materials?

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The derriere blessed lasses from the lakeside are cherished for among other reasons loyalty and intimacy. Various characteristics of Luo ladies point us to what interested men should expect.

As we have it, musician Akothee and politician Millie Odhiambo are perfect case studies of “Nya Got” women.

5 Unique characteristics of Luo ladies/women

Luo women are commonplace in Nyanza and major urban centres across the country. A review of their behaviour will certainly interest you.

While the character of an authentic Luo woman is robust, it is still vulnerable to a set of stereotypes discussed below.

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1. Luo ladies are naturally jovial and opinionated

Women coming from the Luo ethnic group suffer fewer mood swings and can speak bitter truths without grumbling.

They are mostly sanguines with varying flavours of humour woven around their opinionated sentiments.

2. Intelligent, violent, and aggressive

Kikuyus aside, Luo women are highly decisive and aggressive in their daily activities; they are evidently more outgoing than Luo men.

Above all, these dames are protective of their dignity and intolerant of anyone with provoking tendencies.

3. Yes, they are good in bed and kitchen

Are Luo women good in bed? Luo ladies fact sheet indicates that these damsels are extremely satisfying in bed.

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They hardly tire and are often ready at the call of their boyfriends or husbands. Even better, Luo ladies are good cooks for their spouses and care for their children.

4. Good at cheating when unsatisfied

The loyalty of Luo women can only be sustained with unceasing comfort and love from their partners.

As such, they often turn to extra-marital lovers when not receiving attention and expected conjugal affection.

5. Luo women are confident with stunning figures

The feminine complexion of Luo darlings is easily noticeable on major streets across the country.

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They know best how to display enlarged asses and bubbly cleavages to potential suitors.

Marrying a Luo woman is fun mostly because of their contentment, high self-esteem, and sexiness.

The characteristics of Luo ladies are far-reaching with noticeable variations depending on the level of education and exposure. Marrying a Luo woman is certainly commendable.

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