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7 Unique Characters Of Luhya Men In Marriage: Top Facts, Dating, Traits, Are They Good In Bed?

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Abaluhya of the Bantu ethnic group are notorious in Kenyan politics and social circles. Particularly outstanding are these 7 characters of Luhya men.

Engraved in western Kenya natives are typical traits you will not find in any other Kenyan tribe. It is now easier learning how to love a Luhya man.

7 Unique characters of Luhya men

Those who have never interacted with Luhya men are about to know why a majority of Kenyan ladies are drooling on them.

What are Luhya men known for?

1. Luhya men are good collaborators

Luhya men often place great importance on family and social connections.

They are well connected with a timeless communal bond.

2. They are excellent agriculturists and loyal employees

Luhya men are inherently agriculturists with a strong inclination to cash crop farming activities.

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Apart from farm work, they make loyal and dedicated employees in almost all fields.

3. They are articulate and commanding

Unlike the rest, men from Luhyaland are well-versed in lingual skills. They are thus capable of expressing themselves to the bone.

Even so, some city girls find them way too commanding and stubborn when sharing ideas.

4. Naturally love sports and culture

Luhya men have gained a reputation for excelling in various sports, particularly athletics and long-distance running.

Their slender and muscular physique is particularly suitable in rugby competitions.

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5. Easily drawn to music and dance

The Luhya culture values music and dance, and Luhya men often participate in traditional songs, dances, and drumming.

They take pride in their cultural heritage and often showcase their talent during social gatherings and ceremonies.

6. Luhya men have a good work ethic

Luhya men are known for their hard work and dedication.

Many are involved in various professions, including agriculture, business, education, politics, and the arts.

They strive to provide for their families and contribute to the betterment of their communities.

7. Respectful to the elderly & romantic to their spouses

Luhya culture places a strong emphasis on respect for elders and communal values.

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They are generally taught to uphold these values, showing deference and seeking guidance from older members of the community.

Are Luhya women good in bed? Yes, these men are good in the bedroom. Marring a Luhya man is therefore bliss considering they are well-instructed when it comes to taking responsibility.

Talking about romance, Luhya men are polygamous with a tendency of married more than one wife.

Various characters of Luhya men describe Western masculinity with a few instances of stereotypes. Turns out they are wishful partners.

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