Churchill Wife Mwongeli Biography

Churchill Wife Mwongeli Biography [Photos] Age, Wedding, Son, Husband Daniel Ndambuki Profile

Who is wife to Churchill? Her name is Mwongeli and she is truly a beauty judging from leaked photos on social media. Even so, the Laugh Industry boss has never commented on her real names and identity. A closer look into Churchill wife Mwongeli biography reveals their intimate relationship and children.

Curious Kenyans are not sure why Mwongeli Ndambuki prefers to stay out of the limelight. As many agree that Churchill is a plain career man always willing to share funny stories. On the contrary, he remains mysterious in relationships and matters family.

Churchill wife Mwongeli profiles summary

  • Real name: Mwongeli Ndambuki
  • Popularly: Mwongeli
  • Ethnicity: Kamba tribe
  • County: Machakos County
  • Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
  • Husband: Daniel Wambua Ndambuki
  • Religion: Christian
  • Relationship status: Married

Churchill wife Mwongeli is famous for her secretive marriage relationship with Daniel Wambua Ndambuki alias Churchill or Mwalimu Kingangi.

Comedian Churchill wife Mwongeli biography  

Mwongeli is wife to Churchill Show host and Award-Winning comedian Daniel Ndambuki.

She must be a strong woman and a pillar of the sprawling success that Churchill is enjoying in the industry.

How old is Ndambuki Mwongeli?

Churchill Ndambuki wife Mwongeli age is about 40 years as of 2022.

On the other hand, Daniel Ndambuki age is 45 years considering he was born on October 30th, 1977.

Mwongeli tribe, ethnicity, nationality

The wife of Churchill is of the Kamba tribe and a Kenyan national by birth.

As such, Mwongeli is a fluent speaker in multiple languages such as Kamba, Swahili, and English.

Churchill wife Mwongeli education history

The biography of Churchill wife Kenya has not disclosed crucial info on her primary education and high school qualification.

However, it is confirmed she is a degree graduate of a prestigious Kenyan university.

Daniel Ndambuki Churchill wife Mwongeli family

The family of Mwongeli and husband Ndambuki is often reluctant when it comes to personal information.

For that reason, crucial information about their family tree, parents, brothers, sisters, and close relatives is awaiting confirmation.

Does Churchill have a family?

Yes, the comedian is a responsible family man: Mwongeli Churchill family Kenya is a home of love with no show off about it.

Above all, Churchill Ndambuki and his wife Mwongeli are a couple to admire for all the good reasons.

Mwongeli and Churchill children

Pictured is the confident son of Churchill standing beside his mother Mwongeli.

 Moving on, we are yet to lay eyes on the pics of Daniel Ndambuki daughter.

Why Churchill wants wife Mwongeli to remain anonymous

Daniel Ndambuki previously revealed these 4 reasons why he is a private man.

  • Firstly, he wishes to retire and lead a private life after retirement
  • Secondly, Mwongeli the wife of Churchill does not have an outgoing personality
  • Secondly, his children are young and unable to handle heated social hype around Churchill
  • Thirdly, Daniel Ndambuki is an introvert away from the screens, therefore, it is no coincidence that he prefers leading a private lifestyle
  • Finally, Comedian Churchill is a down to earth celebrity.

Perhaps, that is why Churchill wife and family information is not forthcoming.

If at all, he is rarely on the spot for his net worth, expensive cars, stately mansions, and multi-million deals.

Churchill Daniel Ndambuki wedding and marriage

Photos of Mwongeli and husband Churchill Ndambuki exchanging vows and walking down the aisle are scarce.

So are the whereabouts of their allegedly underage sons and daughters.

Photos of Ndambuki wedding Serah Ndanu on Churchill Show

In 2016, Daniel Ndambuki Churchill conducted a live stage wedding with actress Serah Teshna Ndanu.

The Carnivore Restaurant held wedding has since left supporters confused about the real love story of Churchill.

It all started with a teaser photo in which fans expected the godfather of comedy to expose his wife.

A rear photo of Churchill and Serah Ndanu having a good time at Nakumatt Junction fuelled the matrimonial union rumour mill.

Apart from acting, Serah Ndanu is a screenwriter, television presenter, and entrepreneur.

Laugh Industry CEO Churchill and Mzazi Willy M Tuva

Daniel Ndambuki of Churchill Show and Willy M Tuva of Mseto East Africa Citizen radio have successfully managed to lock their lives away from the public.

How they manage, you may ask, the dual only update career-related posts on social media.

Also, Churchill and Tuva have a strict policy of separating working hours from family time.

Conclusion on the wife of Churchill

Mwalimu Kingangi of Classic 105 who doubles up as a rib-cracking comedian and Laugh Industry owner is a happy husband and a proud father.

Forget actress Serah Teshna Ndanu because Mwongeli Churchill is the queen of Daniel Wambua Ndambuki – theirs is a lovely family.

Most netizens are looking forward to the day when Churchill wife Mwongeli biography and photos will flood mainstream social media. Until then, Daniel Ndambuki is the most secretive Kenyan celebrity.

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