Cyprian Osoro Wife Jackie Vike Awinja

Cyprian Osoro Wife Jackie Vike Awinja Wedding Photos: Papa Shirandula actress & Mkisii Boyfriend

One of Mkisii ni Mkisii screenwriters and producers is officially married! Photos of Cyprian Osoro wife Jackie Vike alias Awinja from Papa Shirandula show surfaced online following a series of Instagram posts by Mpashogram, Nairobi Gossip Club, and jokester Eddie Butita.

The low-key traditional wedding comes within days of fellow celebrities Kamene Goro and Akothee walking down the aisle.

Cyprian Osoro wife Jackie Vike Awinja

Heartwarming photos of Osoro Osoro reciprocating genuine smiles with long-term girlfriend actress Jackie Vike Awinja leaked on Saturday – April 22nd, 2023.

Former Papa Shirandula actress Jacky Vike Awinja jokingly announced the big day only days leading to the big day.

Awinja husband Cyprian Osoro Osoro

Further sources say the new couple in town preferred less publicity around their union. Eddie Butita’s post on Instagram read as follows;

“Congratulations @jackyvike and @osorosoro on your Wedding you two have been dedicated, seeing you become a family is one beautiful thing…sasa Jacky Vike upunguze kiburi.”

Eddie Butita – Instagram.

On the other hand, Mpashogram had this to say.

“Congratulations Actress Jackie Vike and Osoro on your wedding.”

Mpashogram – Instagram.

Nairobi Gossip Club also captioned their wedding day.

“Jacky Vike Awinja Weds Longtime Boyfriend Osoro In A Traditional Ceremony.”

Nairobi Gossip Club – Instagram.

The majority of fanatics are yet to believe a word about Osoro Osoro and Jackie Vike exchanging vows.

“Is this not comedy 😂😂 how can someone believe this 😂😂”

Sullivan Msoliza.

Scepticism is rising high awaiting confirmation from the lovebirds who could be possibly in honeymoon by now.

Besides acting in Mkisii ni Mkisii alongside Victor Nyaata, Osoro Osoro is Dr King’ori’s right-hand man in the Wicked Show Edition.

In addition, he is on record for appearing on Viusasa as Mwalimu Rikunyati, ‘The Trend’ and ‘Living with Ess’ on NTV.

Photos of Cyprian Osoro wife Jackie Vike Awinja in a wedding gown stamp the happily-ever-after- moment with broad admiration!

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