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Photo: CJ David Maraga net worth, monthly pension, salary, and wealth . SRC: @davidmaraga

David Maraga net worth: How Rich? Pension, houses, salary, cars, wealth and retirement benefits

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Retired Chief Justice David Maraga will forever remain in our memories for quashing the controversial 2017 presidential polls. His partly disputed and highly celebrated term in office ended with a colourful farewell party. The questioning of David Maraga net worth has since taken centre stage.

Maraga who retired in the wake of 2021 is reportedly a happy man having invested wisely during his time in office. On top of that, several benefits that all retired judiciary presidents enjoy for a lifetime.

David Maraga net worth value

David Maraga house in Karen and Kiamunyi, Nakuru, with wife Yucabeth
Photo: David Maraga house in Karen and Kiamunyi, Nakuru; with wife Yucabeth . SRC: @davidmaraga

Sources estimate David Maraga wealth value at about Ksh. 300 million. The high net worth value is a making of Maraga’s career spanning four decades.

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A salary of Ksh. 1.2 million a month for the Chief Justice rank greatly boosted Maraga’s net worth value.

And now, former CJ Maraga is the owner of stately mansions and a fleet of first-class cars. These include the David Maraga house in Karen Estate and a palatial crib in Kiamunyi Estate within Nakuru West.

Also residing within Kiamunyi Estate is COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli.

In other news, Maraga made headlines for declining to move into a rundown Runda home for the judiciary heads.

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Records indicate that the government acquired the property from Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama at a whopping cost of Ksh. 310 million but failed to maintain it.

Instead, Maraga preferred commuting to the Supreme Court from his Karen residence.

CJ David Kenani Maraga retirement benefits

Maraga left office with decent retirement packages amounting to at least Ksh. 15 million as provided in the law.

Secondly, Maraga drove home a couple of replaceable saloon cars not exceeding 2000cc in fuel consumption.

Thirdly, he took home a 4-years-span replaceable four-wheel monster not exceeding 3000cc.

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Fourth, a fuel allowance of 15 per cent of the last monthly salary came in handy.

Fifth, an inpatient medical cover of Ksh. 10 million and an outpatient medical cover of Ksh. 300,000.

Lastly, a monthly pension of 80 per cent of the last salary, equivalent to about Ksh. 800,000.

Millions in retirement benefits mean a great deal in David Maraga net worth. He will certainly remain rich for life.

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