You are currently viewing Director Trevor New Girlfriend Photos: Dating Nairobian Beauty after Breakup with Mungai Eve
Director Trevor New Girlfriend Photos: Dating Nairobian Beauty after Breakup with Mungai Eve

Director Trevor New Girlfriend Photos: Dating Nairobian Beauty after Breakup with Mungai Eve

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Speculations on ‘Director Trevor new girlfriend’ are awash on social media following a recent breakup with his co-worker and longtime lover Mungai Eve. The seasoned Youtuber says he moved on several months before the bitter separation.

In a podcast uploaded on the Iko Nini Channel, Trevor intimated little-known facts about the couple fights that caused him to rebrand Mungai Eve as Kenya Online Media. He would address the moving-on question in a separate video.

Director Trevor new girlfriend photos

Director Trevor is allegedly in a romantic relationship with a beautiful Nairobian woman pictured about the same time he was calling it quits with Mungai Eve.

Digital content creator and social media influencer Director Trevor admits breaking up with the gorgeous Mungai Eve about a year ago. Even so, the online couple maintained their working relationship ablaze for the sake of content creation.

“We broke up in February 2023. We remained friends and business partners until when she said she did not want to work with this brand anymore. Because she is the one who said she did not want to work with us, I had to take what belongs to me.”

Director Trevor.

While addressing media concerns, Director Trevor clarified that Eve Mungai was merely an employee in their channel despite being its face.

“Nilitoka tuu nikaanza life yangu. Nilimuachia hio nyumba (I just left and went and started my life. I left that house to her) I went to stay in our Airbnb… we talk. I can call her, and she can call me. If I need a contact I know she is the only one who has, I ask her and vice versa,” 

Director Trevor.

The sudden takeover shocked many netizens contradicting his earlier sentiments.

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He had this to tell Presenter Ali when asked about the channel ownership.

“Maybe kukiwa na issues ningependa iwe yake. Mimi naeza anza channel leo na bado iwe freshi kabisa.

Kwa sababu brand ni yake, jina ni lake. Hata saa hii information zote ni zake. Mimi najua tu password. Mabo ingine sijui. Mambo ya hela sijui.”

Director Trevor.

On the other hand, Mungai Eve always wanted to leave Director Trevor.

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She had this to tell Andrew Kibe in her debut video with the embattled content creator.

“I feel fresh, and it is something that I have always wanted to do, but I was afraid to start over again on my own.”

Mungai Eve.

Luckily, the newly unveiled Mungai Eve Show has at least 100k subscribers with countable videos. 

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Director Trevor new girlfriend photos are exciting with color and glamour awaiting confirmation if she is indeed the lucky bae.

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