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eBodaboda App FAQs: Answers to 7 Most Asked Questions on the Need and Uses of eBoda Mobile Apk

eBodaboda App FAQs are handy for both new and current customers seeking clarity on various services. Summarized are some of the concerns streaming in from users and riders.

Founding boss, Dr Ratemo says he developed the app purposely to restore sanity within the booming Boda Boda industry. He is equally determined to increase customer safety and daily earnings for the rider.

eBodaboda App FAQs

Provided at the end are phone numbers for additional information.

Meanwhile, here 7 frequently asked questions.

1. What is eBodaboda app?

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eBodaboda is a digital mobile application for instant motorbike rides and deliveries.

2. Why do I need eBodaboda app?

eBodaboda is a convenient mobile solution for safe and legit rides regardless of location and time

3. What do I need to register and use the eBodaboda app

Membership requirements for instant eBodaboda rides include a registered phone number.

Riders on the other hand must provide their motorbike plate numbers, Passport-photo, National ID number and photocopies.

4. How can I request eBodaboda rides?

Open the application, choose your location and destination then post the trip. A nearby motorbike rider will accept your request and pick you up within minutes.

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5. How safe are eBodaboda deliveries and rides?

eBodaboda monitors trips and Rider locations in real-time. In case of misconduct, it’s easy to trace the records and take necessary action.

6. Is eBodaboda App available outside Kisii?

eBodaboda is in the process of reaching more towns across the country.

As of now, it is concentrated in Kisii and Nyamira Counties to the western parts of Kenya.

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7. Where are eBodaboda headquarter offices?

Customers seeking help from the eBodaboda customer care desk can use the following contacts

Phone 10769250300
Phone 20748267133

Even better, eBodaboda prices are reviewed regularly to ensure both the rider and customer get a fair deal.

eBodaboda App FAQs suggest a growing interest in the use of technology to avail verified operators for safe rides and legit deliveries.

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