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Full list of Echate songs latest: Nabo Okorosa, Ng’ina Monto lyrics download, Echate Generation

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Well played music is naturally arousing and relaxing to the heart. Echate Generation comes in handy for those craving this magic experience. The beats and vibes in all Echate songs latest are truly irresistible.

Duke Mainga Ondiba Echate continues to establish himself as king of timeless Kisii music. A dose of his tunes is, indeed, enough to lighten a dance floor. Even better, his music lyrics are a well-balanced masterpiece of creative art.

List of all Echate songs latest, albums, lyrics, mp3, and meaning

A playlist Echate new songs and those from the recent past are heart-warming. Ningo Oyio Ogotiema Echate?

1. Tosikane, Echate ft Shourtie, 2021

The song Tosikane means, lets respect one another. Its lyrical tune speaks against grudges, fights, and other habits that destroy good relationships.

The hit premiered on March 10, 2021 and has since attracted several views.

Shourtie the songbird and Echate are such a perfect combination in their Tosikane production.

Tosikane mp3 download and lyrics are now available on,, and other leading media streaming sites.

2. Echate Omokungu Esiorori ft Miggy Echambioni, 2021

The song Omokungu Esiorori loosely translates to a troublesome woman. Echate and Miggy are unforgiving in describing dramatic women.

They speaks about her bad mannerism, uncleanliness, and readiness for chaos. Furthermore, the song brings out the reality of most marriages in our era.

The duo explain how most men are suffering in the hands of their once angelic wives. The songs ends with a powerful message appealing for respect among lovers.

 Omokungu Esiorori mp3 download is now available on

3. Echate songs Obotumbafu, 2021

Obotumbafu is a Kisii anthem meaning stupidity. The composition highlights unacceptable traits in society.

It speaks against young men selling their pieces of land to buy motorbikes. It also critics lazy women and those who live as beggars.

Echate speaks against all manners of wrong vices in the society including corruption and destructive extramarital affairs.

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Obotumbafu lyrics and mp3 downloads are now available on the internet.

4. Ng’ina Monto (Mama) official video, 2020

Echate new song Ngina Monto is a special dedication to those suffering the pain of losing their beloved mothers.

The music lyrics emphasises the value of a mother regardless of physical, education, and financial abilities.

More so, Echate is critical on losing his mother about 12 years ago. He wishes she is doing well away from the living.

Producer Augusto, Pharry K, and Babu Gee Omosayansi are among the popular faces in the favourite Ngina Monto song video.

Supporters can now download Ngina Monto mp3 and MP4 for free from their favourite sites.

5. Echate songs Nabo Okorosa ft Babu Gee Omosayansi, 2020

Omosayansi and Echate pulled a successful collabo that has since sunk deep in our daily conversations.

The two Kisii artists performed Nabo Okorosa song alongside Papa Antivirus, a former Ndizi TV actor.

Nabo Okorosa is a touching message against students exploiting their parents to afford luxuries.

It reveals how young people strain their parents to afford alcohol and girlfriends. Poor grades are often a reward.

The singers performed the hit video to an officially dressed audience, likely within the Kisii County offices, where Echate is a youthful CEC.  

Go straight to Echate Generation Channel on YouTube for a high quality video of Nabo Okorosa.

6. ECHATE Tokembaine (Topimaine) ft Vickyoung Ensanako, 2020

Tokembaine is a trending song meaning “we are ill intended towards one another.”

The track focuses on the reality of rogue friendships, especially in family affairs and other dealings.

The song further explores how friends betray each other at the point of need. It warns against trusting human beings beyond necessary limits.

Tokembaine is a huge hit whose lyrics are now available online for streaming and downloading.

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7. Echate Mwanyabanto spoken verse, 2020

The song is a spoken piece of wisdom from Echate. The poetic presentation speaks about people with Judas intentions.

Mwanyabanto mainly shares insider details about the rotten parts of our community. This tear-dropping verse contrasts life expectations with immediate disappointments.

8. Amachiko Y’echate Pt1 – Echate’s life commandments, 2020

Echate sampled a list of rules to help his supporters navigate through life peacefully.

He advocates for neatness, respect for other people’s wives, commitment in marriage, decency in speech, and forgiveness without revenge.

The video captures a general feel of what most Echate songs mp3 gems are all about.  

9. Emesosino by Hon Echate ft Babu Gee Omosayansi, 2020

Emesosino Ime with more than 200k views on YouTube speaks about a beautiful Kisii girl called Nyaboke.

Echate is a wealthy man in love with Nyaboke. On the other hand, Babu Gee is a hustler with deep affections towards the same girl.

Who will win Nyaboke’s love between a financial stable Echate and a genuine loving Babu Gee?

Echate uses his money while Babu Gee his heart felt expressions. The song speaks to many young people struggling to maintain relationships.

10. Danlee ft Echate – Ndemererie (Official Video), 2021

The song Ndemererie appeals for the perseverance of a beautiful woman, Bosibori. It encourages her to accept the down to earth status of her man.

Danlee is optimistic that he will better her life in the long run. Will she accept his marriage proposal upon arriving at his poverty stricken home?

Echate dropped this song in collaboration with Danlee, an upcoming Kisii artist.

Elsewhere, Augusto is the audio producer while Forever Young Kenya is the video director

Babu Gee Omosayansi was among the first to salute the hit on Danlee’s YouTube’s channel.

11. Berine Koroso ft Echate – Totenge, 2021

Echate and Berine dropped this killer jam recently and it is already breaking the ceilings of fame.

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Totenge song means let us dance, and that is clearly what the gorgeous Berin and handsome Echate express in the video.

What more could you ask for? Echate posed this psyching question confirming his love for the collabo music.

Totenge lyrics are why Berin Koroso channel is flooding with subscribers and viewers.

Ng’ina Monto – A special dedication by Uncle Fred Obachi Machoka

Citizen Radio Roga Roga show host, Fred Obachi Machoka, gave Ngina Monto a deserved recognition on October 2020.

The song went on to become a big story because of a creatively woven lyrical message.

Echate Generation Channel on YouTube

Duke Mainga Echate is founder and boss of the famous Echate Generation music label. He commands at least 20k YouTube subscribers.

The profile of Echate, born August 10, 1991, shows that he is 29 years old. The youthful Kisii County CEC is a multitalented star.

Duke is a County Executive Committee member in charge of Gender, Culture & Sports.

Nabo Okorosa hitmaker, from a humble village in Kenyenya, is also a proud actor, creative writer, and businessman.

Mp4 videos and top Echate songs download mp3

Duke Mainga Echate mainly uploads new songs on his Echate Generation Channel. Even so, his latest music continue to leak to other popular media sites.

Best Echate songs and profile summary

The story within Echate biography discloses more on how, an orphan boy at age 14, managed to embrace success in his mid-twenties.

Duke Mainga Ondiba Echate is a celebrated Kisii politician now a widely admired musician. His leadership style and artistic vibes are both commendable. Most importantly, Echate songs are timeless.

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