You are currently viewing 7 Profile Facts in Eddie Butita Biography [Photos] Age, Tribe, Wife, SPM Buzz Salary & Net Worth
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7 Profile Facts in Eddie Butita Biography [Photos] Age, Tribe, Wife, SPM Buzz Salary & Net Worth

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Content multimillionaire Eddie Butita is over the moon after meeting with his role model Steve Harvey on a recent trip to the United States alongside President Ruto. The highly elated Kenyan comedian engaged with the American show host at Tyler Perry Studio in Atlanta. Discussed below are seven profile facts from Eddie Butita biography.

Apart from creating monetized content, Butita is a well-paid brand ambassador for multiple companies in the country. He continues to rise higher on the charts of fame.

7 Profile Facts in Eddie Butita biography

The hunky Butita is among the most prosperous Kenyan creatives now at the peak of their careers.

Who is Eddie Butita?

1. Eddie Butita is 32 years old

Jokester Butita of the Luo ethnic group was born on November 16, 1992, making him 32 years old as of 2024.

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He grew up in Kariobangi within Kasarani Constituency, Nairobi County. Even so, not much info about his father, mother, siblings, and close relatives is available on social media.

2. It took him a decade to amass fame

Butita who appeared in Churchill Show for the first time in 2010 gradually discovered that he was famous and broke.

It would take him some years to establish himself and catch up with the standards of a celebrity.

3. Butita attended Butere High School

On completing primary education, Butita enrolled at Butere High School for his secondary studies.

He later joined college for further studies in graphics design.

4. Butita is multi-talented in art

Exceeding fame saw Butita becoming a favorite Churchill show comedian within a few episodes.

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He has since made several appearances on television shows and comedy corners such as A Night of a Thousand Laughs, Kenya Kona Comedy, Crazy Monday Comedy Night, Kenya’s Biggest Laughs, and The Hot Seat.

5. He is the CEO of SPM Buzz Company

Butita is the founder and CEO of Stage Presence Media Company (SPM Buzz) which is all about events management, film TV production, and digital marketing. The firm founded in 2021 is still operational.

He is also a determined businessman with multiple investments in various parts of the country. Butita is particularly echoed for translating Netflix show Upshaw into Swahili.

6. He is not yet married

Butita is reportedly single with a chain of ex-girlfriends among them comedian Mammito. Elsewhere, he is yet to come clean on the good chemistry he enjoys with content creator Sadia Said.

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The latest updates indicate that Butita is single and secretly dating.

7. Butita’s net worth is estimated at Ksh. 50 million

Eddie Butita supposedly earned a monthly salary of Ksh. 100,000 per month during his prime time with Churchill Show.

He has since multiplied the paycheck with more sources of income including endorsements, loyalties, and startups.

The biography of Eddie Butita spells hard-earned success in the world of entertainment. He can only do better with presidential favors and direct links with the renowned Steve Harvey.

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