Edwin Sifuna Wife Photos

Edwin Sifuna Wife Photos: Wedding & Biography of Sifuna’s Lovely Wife from Matungu – Who is She?

While at the University of Nairobi, Edwin Sifuna spent most of his time in class, playing football or partying. Even so, he ended up marrying a lady from the same campus after several failed advances. Here is a quick look at Edwin Sifuna wife photos.

The little-known spouse to the ODM Secretary General does not prefer publicity as is the case with Sifuna.

Who is Edwin Sifuna Wife?

Speaking to Mic Cheque Podcast, Sifuna intimated that he is a one-woman kind of a man without time for mipango ya kando.

He has this to say to several listeners.

“Mimi I have no idea what you are talking about, napinga vikali.  I have only one wife, ambaye nampenda sana babe.”

Edwin Sifuna.

On graduating from UoN Law School in 2006, Sifuna proceeded to the career market. He would soon quit a Ksh. 400, 000 job to start a law firm, doubling up as a columnist.

In 2015, Sifuna officiated his marriage in a colorful wedding ceremony. Who is Edwin Sifuna wife?

“My wife is from Matungu, one wife, mila yetu huwezi chaguliwa ka huna bibi. I was called by clan elders who had 3 questions.

No 1, uko na boma? Uko na bibi? Sasa bibi ilibidi nichukuwe 2015 niweke mahari kwao.  So officially niko na bibi.”

Edwin Sifuna.

In one of the interviews, Sifuna gave more insights into the life story of his wife.

“What I did not know about that chick, you know she was a softie. Her dad was an MP; she grew up in Loresho. So, the day she told me she joined KWS, I could not picture it. She went for a KWS training in Manyani and came back having lost weight.”

Edwin Sifuna.

Politician Sifuna is indeed a loving family man for his wife and children.

Photos of Edwin Sifuna’s wife are captivating with exceeding beauty for a lass born and raised in a swanky family of a former parliamentarian.

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