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Elgon View College Courses: Fee Structure, Contacts, Eldoret, Kisii, Migori & Kapenguria Campus

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The list of Elgon View College courses is becoming longer with increased enrolment. These rapid changes at the institution are a result of a dynamic career market. A promise for quality training comes at a highly affordable fee structure.

Elgon View is a registered private Technical and Vocational training institution with multiple branches across the country. The college is typical with computer and business studies among other skill-based programmes.

Elgon View College courses & fee structure

The college is a hub for students seeking to complete professional artisan, certificate, and diploma courses.

Enlisted are some of the most competitive courses and payable fees.

1. Diploma & certificates modular KNEC courses

The minimum entry for most of these courses at the certificate level is a D plain in KCSE exams.

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Those joining at the diploma level must have attained at least a C- (Minus) in high school.

  1. Entrepreneurship Studies
  2. Business Management
  3. Human Resource Mgt.
  4. Diploma in General Agriculture
  5. Entrepreneurial Agriculture (Agri-business)
  6. Diploma in Counseling Psychology
  7. Sales & Marketing
  8. Supplies Chain Management & Procurement
  9. Dip. in Social Work & Comm. Development
  10. Project Planning & Management
  11. Co-operative Management
  12. Cert. Library & Information Studies
  13. Information Communication Tech. (ICT)

Duration of studies ranges between 1 year to 3 years.

Below are payable amounts for learners in these modular KNEC courses.

Modular certificate courses & fee structure

CertificateFees (Ksh)
Module 1 term 1Ksh. 10,000
Module 1 term 2Ksh. 10,000
Module 2 term 1Ksh. 10,000
Module 2 term 2Ksh. 10,000
TotalKsh. 40,000

Modular diploma courses & fee structure

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Certificate moduleFees (Ksh)
Module 1 term 1Ksh. 12,000
Module 1 term 2Ksh. 12,000
Module 2 term 1Ksh. 14,000
Module 2 term 2Ksh. 14,000
Module 3 term 1Ksh. 15,000
Module 3 term 2Ksh. 15,000
TotalsKsh. 82,000

2. Additional Modular KNEC Courses – fee structure

The minimum requirements and their fee structure are as follows.

Certificate Secretarial Studies

RequirementsD- plain
Module 1 (3 terms)12,000 per term
Module 2 (2 terms)18,000 per term
TotalKsh. 72,000

Diploma in Secretarial Studies

RequirementsC- minus
Module 1 (3 terms)12,000 per term
Module 2 (2 terms)18,000 per term
Module 2 (2 terms)20,000 per term
TotalKsh. 112,000

Certificate in Tour Guiding Management

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RequirementsD- plain
Module 1 (3 terms)10,000 per term
Module 2 (2 terms)10,000 per term
TotalKsh. 50,000

Diploma in Tour Guiding Management

RequirementsC- minus
Module 1 (3 terms)12,000 per term
Module 2 (2 terms)14,000 per term
Module 2 (2 terms)15,000 per term
TotalKsh. 94,000

3. Non-modular diploma & certificate courses (KNEC)

Entry requirements start from as low as a D-.

CoursesFee per termYears
Dip in Library & Information Studies12,0002
Dip in Banking and Finance12,0002
Dip in Accountancy12,0002
Cert in General Agriculture15,000
Cert. Social Work & Comm. Dev’t12,0001
Cert. in Banking & Finance12,0001
Cert in Accountancy12,0001
Artisan in General Agriculture12,0001
Artisan in Supplies Management12,0001
Artisan in Sales & Marketing12,0001
Artisan in Secretarial Studies12,0001
Artisan in Electrical Installation13,0001
Artisan in Hair Dressing & Beauty Therapy13,0001

4. School of social work & social administration

Minimum requirements include a C- minus and C plain for some;

CoursesFee per termYears
Dip in Public Administration20,0002
Dip in Social Work20,0002
Dip. in Disaster Management20,0002
Cert.  in Public Administration15,0001
Cert in Social Work15,0001
Cert in Disaster Management15,0001

5. Higher Diplomas KNEC courses & fees

Entry requirements are a KNEC Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree.

Library & Information Studies20,0001
Business Management20,0001
Entrepreneurship Studies20,0001
Human Resource Management20,000½

6. School of Journalism & Mass Media courses and fees

Most of these courses accept a D plain and C- minus as minimum requirements;

CoursesFees per termYears
Dip in Journalism & Media Studies20,0002
SS dip in Advertising20,0001
SS dip. in Digital TV & Radio Journalism20,0001
SS dip in Magazine Journalism20,0001
SS dip in Sports Journalism20,0001
Cert. in Journalism & Media Studies12,0001

7. School 0f Education (KNEC)

Cert in ECDE8,500 per session6 sessions
Dip in ECDE12,000 per term1 year
Dip in ECDE10,000 per session6 sessions
PTE (P1)27,000 per term2 years
PTE (P1)18,000 per term7 sessions
Dip in Teacher Education30,000 per term3 years
Dip in Teacher Education21,000 per term9 sessions

8. Elgon View KASNEB courses and fees

These KASNEB courses take 6 months per level.

Cert. in Accounting & Management Skills15,000 (2 levels)
Accounting Technician Diploma (ATD)15,000
Dip. In Credit Management15,000
Certified Credit Professionals (CCP)15,000
CPA/CPS Part 1: Section 1 or 215,000
CPA/CPS Part 1I: Section 3 or 415,000
CPA/CPS Part 1II: Section 5 or 615,000
Certified Information Communication Technology Part I15,000
Certified Information Communication Technology Part II15,000
Certified Information Communication Technology Part III15,000

Elgon View administrative charges

Admission Fee           1,000
Student ID fees         500
Student Union fees (Per Academic Year)     500
Library Fees (Per Academic Year)    1,000
Activity fees (Per Academic year      1,000
Computer Application fees    1,000
Caution Money (Refundable on Clearance)1,000
Development fees (Tourism students)           1,000
Practical fees (General Agric. only)(per term)3,000
Boarding fees (per term – 3 months)15,000
Medical Fees (Per Academic year)    1,500
Attachment fees         5,000
Teaching Practice (Cert. ECDE)        5,000
Teaching Practice (Dip. ECDE)         6,000
Yearly Mock Exams (ECDE Only)1,000

The Executive director Peter Anassi is confident about the future of Elgon View in skill base training.

Elgon View College contacts

The college has 4 campuses among them Eldoret, Kisii, Migori, & Kapenguria.

Phone number (Eldoret)0723016700
Phone number (Kisii)0713107845
Phone (Migori)0716123172
Phone (Kapenguria)0728368246

The Nyamira branch which became defunct may soon reopen.

Get in touch for further inquiries on in-takes, admission letters, syllabi, and graduation dates.

Established in 1978 and located in Eldoret town, Uasin Gishu County, Elgon View College Courses for anyone in pursuit for excellence.

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