Eric Omondi Net Worth

Eric Omondi Net Worth and Sources of Wealth, Endorsements, Philanthropy, & Social Media Capital

Eric Omondi who started his career journey in 2008 as an ordinary Churchill Show entertainer is now a household name in Kenyan entertainment scenes. The jokester allegedly earns a fortune from multi-million-packed events and endorsements. We are about to explore Eric Omondi net worth value with a closer focus on his philanthropic involvements. 

In a recent live session on Dr Ofweneke Tonight Show, Omondi hinted at being a multi-millionaire with a stable career spanning 16 years.

Comedian Eric Omondi net worth

The wealth base of Eric Omondi is estimated at Ksh. 200 million as of 2024, with comedy being the number one source of his monthly income. Omondi who made his first Ksh. 3 million I n2008 was recently captured showing off bundles of notes amounting to Ksh. 13 million.

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The video dubbed Mike Sonko Challenge has since been making headlines. He had this to tell Oga Obinna amid the viral show;

“Don’t ever talk to me, and don’t you ever address me. This is money. I live in money, sleep in it. I can buy a radio station and employ you. 16 years worth of working is no joke. I am not a conman… when I give people flour in the streets, it is out of my good heart and comes from my sweat. I am no politician.”

Eric Omondi.

The self-proclaimed president of comedy brags nearly 5 million followers on Instagram and millions more on all leading social media platforms. 

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Omondi has previously exchanged social blows with rapper Khaligraph Jones for attacking him as a struggler in the comedy industry.

On the contrary, he is an alleged realtor and business dealer in various parts of the country.

The net worth of Eric Omond is a conversation starter at a time like now when he is actively giving back to the community. Other celebrities given to flaunting deep pockets include Ringtone Apoko and KRG the Don.

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