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5 Trendy facts about Babu Gee, music career history, YouTube earnings, wealth, and net worth

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Babu Gee also called Omoisia Omongare to mean the son of Mong’are is not your ordinary celebrity. The Kisii musician is everything from a hitmaker to a role model among upcoming artists. Various facts about Babu Gee are prove of his untamed success in the competitive Gusii music industry.

Babu Gee latest songs are street and club anthems within Kisii Town. Omosayansi hits also enjoy a good radio play on popular radio stations such as Egesa FM, Minto FM, and Gusii FM. Even better, they rock in cars, events, Kisii villages, and beyond. Who is Babu Gee?

5 Trendy facts about Babu Gee Omosayansi

You will surely want to meet Babu Gee after reading these 5 juicy facts.

1. Davison received the stage name Babu Gee from his mother

Omosayansi whose real names are Davison Nyaberi Mong’are is popular by his stage name Babu Gee.

Davison received the stylish name Babu Gee from his loving mother when he was still a young boy.

Babu is a Swahili word meaning grandfather while Gee is an American English word meaning an expression of enthusiasm.

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Later on, Davison called himself Omoisia Omong’are which translates to the young son of Mong’are.

Having grown into a family man, Babu Gee chose to leave the nick name Omoisia Omong’are.

He adopted another nickname Omosayansi, which according to Babu Gee, means a scientist in the music industry.

2. Omosayansi started his music at Calif Records and Jomino Records

Babu Gee developed a burning interest in music during his high school years at Nyamiranga secondary school in Ekerenyo within North Mugirango Constituency.

Omosayansi first joined Calif Records, but failed to do well because of lacking support and direct access to the producers.

Thereafter, he teamed up in Jomino Records as an upcoming recording artist. Being a student never stopped him.

Luckily, Babu met producer Stevo who would then support him to release a debut hit song called Ujinga Ni.

The track Ujinga Ni did so well but Ntwarwara Tiga Toragere took him to another level altogether.

3. Omosayansi a pioneer of Kisii urban music alongside MC Miggy Champ

The uprising of Babu Gee in the Kisii music industry dates back to the first song Ujinga Ni.

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It is a time when he was only focused in formal education, unaware about the potential of his precious precious talent.

Then came a thought of creating modern music to succeed traditional singers such as Arisi O Sababu and Henry Sagero Man Pepe.

Other creative artists who he was determined to replace are Onsongo Omosongo and Bana Sungusia.

Babu Gee has since managed to change the rhythm of Kisii music alongside his longtime friend Mc Miggy Echambioni.

Above all, Mashujaa Day celebrations 2020 gave Babu Gee and other top local composers a national audience advantage.

4. Babu Gee home is in Mokomoni within Nyamira County

In an interview with Nyamwembe TV at La Serena Hotel, Babu Gee confided that he comes from Mokomoni area in Nyamira County.

Therefore, Omosayansi is a native Kisii speaker who has also toured Kenya and other parts of the world including the United Stated of America.

Born in 1990, Omosayansi grew in a Christian family of Mr. Mong’are.

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Babu Gee speaks proudly of his mother but has said little about his brothers and sisters.

5. Babu Gee Omosayansi YouTube Channel earnings and wealth

Omosayansi is unfailing in connecting with his fans through social medial including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

For instance, Babu Gee Omosayansi channel on YouTube has at least 40k subscribers with thousands of views on every uploaded video.

Babu Gee YouTube AdSense earnings are averagely Ksh. 100,000 per month. He earns some more from events and related projects.  

Notably, the amount varies significantly depending on watch hours, number of projects, and views received within the period.

The list of 5 trendy facts about Babu Gee Omosayansi says it all about his humble beginnings, creative approach to music, and high net worth value. It also summarizes his income stream from YouTube, endorsements, and entertainment deals.  

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