Profile Facts About Edgar Obare Onyango

11 Profile Facts About Edgar Obare Onyango [BNN] Family, Career & Kenyan Celebrity Expose Videos

His Teaness Edgar Obare has lately been making headlines for dragging celebrities with nasty stories. The Kenyan content creator is unsparing when it comes to exposing respected media personalities, politicians, and top entertainers. Far from the exposes is a juicy profile with 10 untold facts about Edgar Obare.

The highly feared Obare is no stranger to heated controversies on social media. For this reason, his evidence driven stories are often a wild fire on Twitter and YouTube. Blogger Edgar Obare maintains that everyone, especially role models, should pay for their mischief.

10 Profile facts about Edgar Obare of BNN

Obare is a moral cop to watch closely given that he is unlikely to quit stocking famous people any time soon.

Hold on because these 10 facts about Edgar Obare will tear you between laughter and stiches.

1. Obare is a Master’s Degree software engineer from an Italian University

Edgar Obare is an alumni of Free University of Bozen-Bolzano in Italy.

He joined this prestigious learning institution in 2016 for a Masters’ Degree in Computer Science.

Obare graduated and returned to Kenya in 2019. He has since built himself a stable career in the digital space.

2. His Teaness became a Youtuber in Europe but succeeded in Kenya

BNN boss Edgar Obare became a Youtuber and Instagramer during his stay in Italy.

He would later become notorious for uploading short and highly engaging clips on social media.

Returning to Kenya in 2019 only gave him more time to concentrate on taking his BNN brand to another level.

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With all the fame, Edgar has only been an active Youtuber for the past 3 years starting January 2019.

3. Truth seeker Obare is a well-travelled Kenyan celebrity

Flying to Italy for an education stirred the inborn adventurous spirit of Edgar Obare.

He has since toured several other European states including Germany, Netherlands, Venice, Denmark, and Switzerland.

Apart from exploring the world, Edgar is outgoing with a deep love for fun filled outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing.

4. He is determined to fix the society by holding celebrities responsible

The self-proclaimed monitor of morality dislikes how top figures in the society are misleading the youth with fake lifestyles.

That is why Obare is particularly focused on the most influential role models who are not living up to expectations.

5. Edgar Obare is a lover of celebrities and a hater of their wrongs

His Teaness has a favourite saying, “only the guilty are afraid, everyone else is just chilled out.”

Even so, he has previously been dragged and labelled an enemy of special relationships such as marriage.

That said, Obare describes himself as a truth seeker with no apologies to make. He has also confirmed having no grudge against his clients.

Speaking on an interview with Switch TV, Edgar Obare pleaded with celebrities to confess whenever cornered instead of raising their ego.

Furthermore, Obare is clearly aware of the fact that every celebrity likes him until it is their turn.

6. Obare does all the digging for new stories by himself

The depths of various stories on Edgar Obare YouTube Channel suggest a huge team but as it turns out, he does it all for himself.

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The energetic Obare welcomes new ideas and social media trends. He then, applies his investigative skills to source for more reliable evidence.

7. BNN boss does not cover stories about minority groups such as LGBTQ

Edgar Obare is protective of the harshly judged minority groups including the gay community. Similarly, he does not expose children.

Selfish, divisive, and debatable topics such as politics are also out of his interests.

Above all, Edgar Obare vlog draws power and trust from among supporters.

8. Edgar Obare involves lawyers in every episode

Obare consults with lawyers before creating and releasing his work to thousands of followers.

He prefers to stay on the right hand of the law in his investigative duties.

That is partly why most critics are yet to convict him of breaking the law.

9. Obare is arrested often for publishing false information and extortion

Angry victims often drag Obare to the courts with allegations of extortion and publishing false information.

For instance, he was accused of plotting to extort a prominent governor for impregnating and running away from Desy Oduor Achieng.

Charges against him read that Obare and his accomplice Desy were planning to extort the governor of Ksh. 10 million.

Whether this is true or not, it is evident that Obare has been lately locking horns with DCI bosses.

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10. Edgar Obare is unmarried, single, and accused closet gay

The love life of Edgar Obare is mostly hidden from the cameras. All we know is that he previously dated Wacera Nyaguthie Murage.

Iron man Obare met Wacera in 2015 and dated for about a year before going separate ways.

Attempts to recall their broken relationship fell apart on 2018.

Obare has since remained publicly single with a section of netizens concluding that he perhaps closet gay.

Edgar Obare trending today

Obare has become a common figure on the internet for his controversial content.

He is unlikely to stop after losing his BNN Instagram account of about 400k followers.

Edgar Obare remains vocal on his YouTube Channels of nearly 150k subscribers.

Top facts about Edgar Obare Onyango speak loudly about his boldness as an expose journalist. They also shed light on his success as a hard working Kenyan Youtuber and videographer.  

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