You are currently viewing Full list of Faithstan songs latest, Jirani Ananimada lyrics, and Timmy Tdat mp3 download audio
Faithstan songs mp3 download Jirani Ananimada lyrics

Full list of Faithstan songs latest, Jirani Ananimada lyrics, and Timmy Tdat mp3 download audio

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Faith Stan Doubles is a celebrated Kenyan secular female artist famous for her sensational music and heart throbbing voice. The beauty queen has been making rounds on the airwaves for dropping cool singles and collabos. Her expressive tunes are not only entertaining but also relaxing. A playlist of Faithstan songs, including Jirani Ananimada and Otenyo, is finally out.

Faith Stan music is exclusive and original at its core. She owns a rare combination of studio and stage talents that no other Kisii artist has demonstrated before. Most importantly, Faith Stan lyrics are both hooking and informative. Fans seem to enjoy her latest releases for their simplicity and accuracy in the message.

Latest Faithstan songs in 2023

The Kisii singer is having a fair season marked with fresh tracks. Her releases from earlier years are also doing well on the music charts.

While Faithstan new songs are epic, none is likely to beat Jirani Ananimada hit any time soon.

1. Faithstan Jirani Ananimada

The song is a huge hit considering it has garnered more than 2 million views on YouTube.

In the song, Faith can no longer hold her affections towards a crush hunk who is coincidentally a neighbour

Faithstan Jirani lyrics emphasize her inward struggles to win him as a boyfriend. Furthermore, she believes that the handsome neighbour is the one for her.

Faith Stan — Jirani Ananimada mp3 download

Mama Wololo Jirani Ananimada mp3 download file is now available on leading streaming sites.

Notably, Mdundo and YouTube are the most convenient for Jirani Ananimada mp3 download audio and video.

Jirani Ananimada remains one of the best Kisii songs across Kenya and beyond.

2. Faith Stan Ft Timmy Jirani Amenimada

Also doing well is Faith Stan x Timmy Tdat -Jirani Amenimada cover. The song has exceeded half a million views and is rising fast.

The angel singer was lucky to scoop a high profile collabo with the famous Timmy Tdat. The two have been entertaining their fans with timeless hits. 

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Timmy and Faith Stan are such a good blend in the Kenyan music industry. Their colourful song video says no less.

3. Namba Moja Faith Stan song

This musical tune loosely translates to number one tonight. Faith Stan explores her deep desires for a perfect night with a number one lover.

She swiftly pulls in a killer rap in the Namba Moja lyrics that will convince anyone that true love still exists.

The simple beats accompany her message home with a wild and tingling feeling at heart.

Her irresistible vibes are perfect for sparking bliss between romantic lovers. Like hers, your temperature will not remain the same after listening to this timeless composition.

Faithstan songs Jirani and Namba Moja are by far the best in her YouTube channel playlist.

4. Faith Stan Otenyo

Otenyo, the Kisii warrior, is back in our day, and Faithstan has a way of describing him from the love perspective.

The song speaks of a muscular lover for whom Faithstan cannot look elsewhere. His manly walking style takes away her breath and sleep.

If you are looking for Faith Stan latest songs, then Otenyo is a good one to calm you down.

5. Faithstan Sabuni ya Roho

Love is a dream come through in this classy hit. Faithstan likens her man with “a heart detergent.” Like a heartbeat, she needs him in her life.

The song is highly poetic and speaks about the juicy parts of love without ignoring the worst. Faithstan is truly experiencing happiness from her Sabuni ya Roho. 

6. Faith Stan Kitaeleweka 

Kitaeleweka is a motivational song in which Faith Stan predicted her success months ago. She has lived to exploit the fame of her dream and is still rising.

Even better, the singer is rising higher in her music career.

7. Faith Stan Ona

Unlike others from her albums, the song is a monologue with an ex-boyfriend. She is lamenting in disbelief that they are no longer together.

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Faith Stan Ona lyrics pose more questions than answers. The heartbroken Faithstan is seeking to understand why he betrayed her in love.

If indeed Faith Stan ex boyfriend loved her, why did he have to blow their widely admired love away?

8. Faithstan My Valentine

The musician from Kisii dedicated this artistic song to romantic lovers. It talks about the cuddling that goes on between lovers.  

Faithstan fearlessly admits falling for her valentine. While the song message cuts across the year, it is perfect for valentine’s season.

9. Faith Stan Rotate

Dancehalls have been flaming since Faithstan released this detailed song. Cheerleader mixtape stars such as DJ Bunney 254 already like it.

It is exciting how she goes the extra mile to explain a famous floor dance in most clubs worldwide, spinning.

There is more to like about Faith Stan new song Rotate, now a club anthem.

10. Faith Stan Zilizopendwa ft Forever Young

Cases of brothers and sisters singing love songs together are rare. However, that is not the case for Faith Stan and her celebrity brother Forever Young.

The two Kisii singers released The Doubles Zilizopendwa mashup hit in 2018. They have since been flying higher in their careers.

Faithstan all songs and albums

Faithstan all songs ft Timmy Tdat songs
Photo: Faithstan all songs . SRC: @faithstan_ke

The multi-talented Kisii female musician is rising faster than her competitors. It is time to show some love for her tunes;

  • Naumia -The Doubles
  • The Doubles – I Miss You 
  • I Choose You by Faith Stan
  • Naanchire Gospel Cover
  • Faithstan- Naye (Ni Wewe)
  • Part of me-Faithstan x Kingkid

Faithstan performing at Kisii stadium Gusii 7s is another one you may have missed

Faith Stan performances and mixes

Passion and persistence are part of why her music is unique from the rest.

  • Faithstan performance at Blaze tour
  • Faith Stan & MC Miggy Champ performing
  • DJ Hot Kenya’s mix on best of Faith Stan songs
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Faithstan 10 over 10

The stunning Faith Stan went straight to Willis Raburu’s 10 over 10 show on Citizen TV.

Performing live on stage in 2019 lifted her career of 2016 to an even higher status.

Youth Cafe: We host FaithStan

Afro Pop and RNB star interviewed on KTN News Kenya.

The platform allowed the singer to tell her story to all Kenyans in prime time.

Faithstan songs mp3 download

The singer has released most of her songs online, making them more available to her fans.

Faith Stan YouTube channel is among the platforms with her latest songs.

The singer produces most of her hits in Kisii Town Studios and surrounding sceneries.  

Awards and recognition

Stan emerged, The Female Secular Artist of the year in both 2019 and 2020.

The Gusii Creative Awards continues to recognize her style of music above other nominees.

Faithstan profile summary

Faithstan profile summary and tribe
Photo: Faithstan profile . SRC: @faithstan_ke

Fame is now an ingredient in Faith Stan’s life story. Fans should expect more from her in the days to come.

The has covered her biofacts and journey to stardom with exclusive details.

On the spot are Faith Stan biography details, including tribe, birthplace, real name, age, education, music, family, and brother Forever Young.

Faith Stan contacts

  • Facebook: @faith Stan
  • Instagram: @faithstan_ke

DM the singer with a hot deal or for a tap on her back. Meanwhile, the countdown on Faithstan songs downloads is ticking fast.

Faith Stan songs are taking her to places at a young age –a review of them all hints that she is a high calibre Kenyan celebrity in the making. Stay tuned because the Jirani and Otenyo hitmaker is becoming unstoppable.

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