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10 Most Fallen Giant Secondary Schools in Kisii and Why they are Scoring Poorly in KCSE Exams

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Gone are days when the now fallen giant secondary schools in Kisii were glorified for their excellent KCSE results. It is particularly concerning why these old-time best performing high schools in Kisii are no longer shining.

What remains of their reputation are sharp memories of neatly painted school buses, gates, and classrooms. While a good number of these secondary schools are slowly regaining their mean scores, the rest are worsening by the year.

10 most fallen giant secondary schools in Kisii and Nyamira counties

Declining competitiveness in student enrollment and lower mean scores reveal decreased performance in these 10 Kisii high schools.

1. Cardinal Otunga High School, Mosocho

Cardinal Otunga High School in Kitutu Chache Constituency, Kisii County, is among sleeping giants slowly waking up to reclaim their places.

Most Cardinal Otunga Old Boys Association members can agree that the institution is no yet on its former academic track.

Cardinal Otunga Mosocho KCSE results 2020 indicate an enrolment of 290 candidates with a mean score of 7.693.

2. Moi Gesusu High School

Moi Gesusu High School in Nyaribari Masaba Constituency, Kisii County, is no longer an academic threat.

Nonetheless, Gesusu is still a top performer in Kisii County with an average enrolment and university entry performers.

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Moi Gesusu KCSE results in 2020 posted an enrolment of 474 candidates with a mean score of 7.250.

3. St Johns Nyamagwa High School

Nyamagwa Boys in Bobasi Constituency, Kisii County, is lately a poor performer in national exams.

The institution, formerly a magnet of top KCPE performers, is now a sleeping lion in the corridors of academics.

St Johns Nyamagwa High school KCSE results 2020 shows a mean score of 5.4.

4. St. Joseph’s Nyabigena High School

Nyabigena secondary school in South Mugirango Constituency has long maintained a legacy of graduating several university materials.

This is, however, not the case if the recent results are anything to go by.

Nyabigena high school 2020 KCSE results show an enrolment of 337 candidates with a mean score of 7.5.

5. Sameta among most fallen giant secondary schools in Kisii

Big time Sameta Boys in Bobasi Constituency is consistently losing its hype in mathematics and sports.

Sameta Boys 2020 KCSE results shows a mean score of 5.580.

6. St. Paul’s Gekano High School

The famous St Pauls Gekano Boys in Kitutu Masaba Constituency, Nyamira County, is in the process of beating its recent academic crisis.

St Pauls Gekano KCSE 2020 results confirms a mean score of 6.8.

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7. St Angela Sengera Girls Secondary School

St. Angela Sengera Girls High school in Bomachoge Chache Constituency, Kisii County, is among local institutions lately on the spot for highly declined performance.

St Angela Sengera KCSE 2019 results indicate a mean score of less than 6.

8. Magena High School – boys & girls

The former Magena High School in Bomachoge Borabu Constituency is long gone from the list of top schools in Gusiiland.

Magena High School from the days of Kinara, a no-nonsense principal, has since been segregated into Magena Boys and Magena Girls.

Sadly, none of them is getting a slightest mention on matters academic performance.

For this reason, Magena Boys 2020 KCSE results and Magena Girls 2020 KCSE results are not yet confirmed.

9. Nyakoiba – fallen giant secondary schools in Kisii

Nyakoiba high school in Bomachoge Borabu Constituency is another sleeping academic giant.

The school suffered cancelled exams about 7 years ago and has since been recording inconsistent results.

Luckily, Nyakoiba KCSE 2020 results gave us a fair mean of 7.5.

10. Nyangweta SDA secondary School

Nyangweta SDA Secondary School in South Mugirango Constituency, Kisii County, has remained unheard for years now.

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It is concerning why Nyangweta High School 2020 KCSE results and mean scores are not yet public.

Causes of poor performance among fallen giant secondary schools in Kisii

Getting low grades is unwelcome because it means lost investment and time, especially to those from low income families.

On top of that, poor performance is discouraging to parents, teachers, and learners.

Major reasons for poor grades in Kisii based secondary schools include lack of good will from top administrators including the principal and board members.

Most schools also fail because of lacking enough teachers and learning materials.

Finally, internal conflicts stemming on religion and the surrounding community contribute to poor grades in national examinations.

It is uncertain if the incoming CBC curriculum structure will solve these underlying academic problems.

The list of top 10 fallen giant secondary schools in Kisii focuses on institutions that were doing better than the rest about a decade ago. It is worrisome that most of them are still stuck at the bottom in 2021.

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