Freshers Admitted at Kisii University

8,632 Freshers Admitted at Kisii University Amid Heated Concerns of a Possible Academic Crisis

Kisii University has opened doors to 8,632 first year students in preparation for the 2023/2024 academic year. After that will come an admission and orientation exercise headed by the dean of students. Meanwhile, high numbers of freshers admitted at Kisii University is highly concerning.

The latest admission at KSU is about 60 percent higher than the 2022 admission of about 5,500 freshmen. Increased enrolment will greatly impact training and regional economics.

Kisii University in a crisis after admitting 8,632 freshers

Rising student population comes at a time when the university is dealing with scarcity of classrooms and accommodation facilities.

There are also unresolved administrative issues ranging from insufficient staff members to strained learning resources.

Recent history

For instance, staff members from Kisii University were recently on the streets over defaulted CBA agreement.

Among these were lecturers whose salaries are hardly released on time, if at all.

Another riot called by KSUSA paints a terrible picture of a struggling university on matters quality education.

These upheavals took centre stage months after the controversial Kisii University retrenchment of 350 staff members.

Involved students decried rampant cases of missing marks, delayed transcripts, and unfriendly varsity policies.

On the bright side

Ballooning numbers of freshers at Kisii University is beneficial especially to the business community.

This is the case because Kisii University is a heartbeat in the progress of Kisii town. Booming real estate and SME businesses in Bosongo is a testimony.

Following the intake is an increased foot traffic with more sales than before. The end result is a prosperous local economy.

The high number of freshers admitted at Kisii University is both questionable and beneficial depending on which side of the debate you choose. Overall, KSU is a light bearer institution in the region.

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