Day Furious Azimio Demonstration

3 Day Furious Azimio Demonstration: Raila Extends Maandamano to Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Furious Azimio demonstrations are getting nastier by the day! On Thursday, ODM Secretary General, Edwin Sifuna, said Maandamano will henceforth run three days in a row beginning Wednesday.

Speaking during a talk show on Citizen Television, Sifuna hinted at plans by the Azimio la Umoja to hold demonstrations on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Raila has since shifted the days to Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

3 Day furious Azimio demonstrations

Sifuna added that President Ruto must listen to the opposition, especially on calls to repeal the controversial Finance Bill 2023.

He said the Azimio brigade is ready for arrests and continued peaceful demos.

“Going forward, the peaceful protests will be held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week in line with request from public to include three days of activity.”

Azimio Official Statement.

Earlier on, Sifuna had hinted at a 3-day Maandamano spree starting Monday.

“From next week, there will be three days straight of maandamano; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, until Ruto understands that people are suffering and repeals this law the same way he imposed it upon them.”

Edwin Sifuna.

Sifuna who doubles up as a senator of Nairobi City County maintains that curbing the cost of living is a non-negotiable priority.

The new moves means that demonstrations will start on Wednesdays.

“I’m telling the government to stop talking and start arresting. What the government needs to know is that Kenyans are angry at them. If Ruto had listened to Kenyans, the chaos would not have happened.

This government is better off when known people are leading the demonstrations as opposed to Kenyans taking the matter upon themselves because there will be no one to call to the table.”

Edwin Sifuna.

Further sources say that Azimio has adopted new strategies to garner momentum.

“The end game is that we have used all the language we know, tried persuasion, and mediation by committing ourselves to dialogue with the government but they refused to listen. They introduced a bill which the majority of Kenyans opposed but they went ahead and passed it. Therefore, what we are saying is that until you listen to the people, we will soldier on.”

Edwin Sifuna.

Raila is now accusing the Kenya Kwanza government of staging police brutality against the opposition.

Furious Azimio demonstrations have so far claimed about 20 lives in counting. Several others are nursing gunshot wounds and related injuries. Holding Maandamano on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays could only mean worse.

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