You are currently viewing Gaucho Accuses Raila and Azimio of Unfair Treatment: “Calls it Quits” Anti-government Protests
Photo: Gaucho Accuses Raila and Azimio of Unfair Treatment “Calls it Quits” amid Anti-government Protests . SRC: #FontsMediaKe

Gaucho Accuses Raila and Azimio of Unfair Treatment: “Calls it Quits” Anti-government Protests

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Bunge la Mwananchi Leader Calvin Okoth alias Gaucho has decried Azimio la Umoja’s failure to secure him after his arrest threatening to boycott subsequent meetings and anti-government protests. Gaucho accuses Raila of dumping him during his arrest and other unnamed people for failing to fulfil former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s offer to meet him.

Gaucho was arraigned in Kiambu Law courts on 30 May, 2023 on allegation of causing disturbance. He pleaded not guilty and was released on a Ksh. 20,000 bond or cash bail of Ksh. 5,000.

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Gaucho Accuses Raila’s Allies & quits anti-government protests

Azimio’s diehard supporter was left to take his own medicine, after which he expressed his disbelief.

According to Gaucho, Azimio ought to have been sent legal help as in the case of Maina Njenga. And things must change!

“Kitu kimeniuma zaidi na hii message inaendea kwa co-principals wa Azimio ya kwamba kwa nini Maina Njenga akipelekwa kwa DCI headquarters, karibu four principals walienda kumuona hata jana akipelekwa Nakuru kuna wale walienda akina Kioni lakini mimi nikishikwa ni kama mbwa ingine inapelekwa station?”


Gaucho further added that there are 20 to 30 Bunge La Mwananchi youth still suffering at Kamiti prison and Industrial Area.

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In addition, he said that should the bipartisan talks fail, he will not be available for another protest.

“Mimi nawaombea Mungu hii bipartisan talks ifaulu, isipofaulu then muite maandamano ya pili, mimi nitawatakia mazuri mbele kwa sababu lazima tuwe treated equal”


Generally, the vocal grassroots politician has called for fair treatment and fulfilment of promises within the Azimio coalition.

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