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George Moseti Anyona Biography: Tragic Tale of the Poorest Kisii MP who Died Miserably in 2003

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Hon George Anyona was a respected Kisii politician, now top in the long list of Kisii heroes. His mysterious life story is both touching and upsetting to this day. George Moseti Anyona biography will leave you questioning why bad things happen to good people.

Before dying in 2003, MP George Anyona dedicated 70% of his salary and almost all his time to public service. Meanwhile, he remained poor for the sake of the needy in society. It is still hard to understand why the high income Anyona subjected his wife and children to a miserable life.

Kisii MP George Moseti Anyona biography with pictures

Honourable George Moseti Anyona rose to prominence from a humble village in Kisii to the western parts of Kenya.

He would rise to the pinnacles of academia and eventually become a legislature in the era of President Daniel Arap Moi.

George Moseti Anyona tribe and ethnicity

MP Anyona was born at Tombe village in Kitutu Masaba Constituency.

Therefore, he was a native Kisii speaker and a Kenyan national from the prosperous Nyamira County.

How old is George Anyona?

Born in 1945, Hon George Anyona age was 58 years in 2003 when he died.

Anyona met his death along Lusaka Road in Nairobi City County.

George Anyona education and CV

Hon Anyona started schooling at Tombe Primary School but later transferred to Sengera Intermediate School.

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In 1959, Anyona joined Alliance High School and managed to serve in the student union as the Deputy School captain.

Good examination grades earned Anyona a place of study at Makerere University in 1965.

George Anyona graduated in 1968 with qualifications in Political Science, English, Economics and History.

While at Makerere in Uganda, George became president of the Kenya Makerere Students Union (KMSU).

George Moseti Anyona biography on career and politics

Anyona landed his first job in the office of President Jommo Kenyatta shortly after returning to Kenya.

In 1970, he joined the Nairobi based British Airways before switching to politics in 1974.

Anyona becoming a Member of Parliament in Kenya

He became Member of Parliament for Kitutu East constituency now Kitutu Masaba constituency.

Anyona’s eloquence in parliament earned him the nickname, one-man backbench.

MP Anyona detained without trial at Manyani Prisons

In 1977, a fateful turn of events left George Anyona arrested and detained without trial at Manyani Prisons.

The punitive arrest came about the same time that JM Kariuki died.

Butere MP Martin Shikuku and Deputy Speaker, Tinderet Mp Jean Marie Seroney were detained about the same time.

Later reports revealed that Anyona went into prison for demanding to know why the East Africa Railways and Harbours Corporation deserved a government tender.

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Hon Anyona remained in prison for one year after which he was blacklisted from contesting in the 1979 elections.

Anyona arrested for attempting to form a political party

 In 1982, Anyona faced arrest alongside Jaramogi Oginga Odinga for allegedly forming a political party.

Anyona’s Kenya African Socialist Alliance (KASA) became a threat to KANU in the one party state Kenya.

The radical Anyona came out of prison in 1984, but was barred from contesting in the 1985 general elections.

Anyona and Jaramogi suffered the fight for multi-party democracy in the 80s and succeeded in the early 90s.

George Anyona arrested for a suspected coup

Anyona was once again arrested in 1990 alongside Professor Edward Oyugi, Augustus Njeru Kathangu, and Isaiah Ngotho Kariuki.

The four went into the torturous Nyayo Torture Chambers. They were later charged and imprisoned for 7 years for a suspected coup plan.

Luckily, Anyona came out of prison in 1992 after a successful appeal in the courts.

Instead of joining Jaramogi Oginga Odinga in FORD Kenya affairs, Anyona chose to form his own party called the Kenya Social Congress (KNC).

Hon Anyona’s unpredictable nature saw him eyeing to succeed President Moi.

Reclaiming Kitutu Masaba parliamentary seat

A rejected presidential bid ended with Anyona reclaiming his seat as MP in Kitutu Masaba Constituency in 1997.

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Sadly, Anyona died in 2003 following a deadly road accident.

MP George Anyona buried after 7 months

The late Anyona stayed in Kisii Mortuary for 7 months amid concerns that he had misappropriated funds during his time in office.

The case involved lost Women Group funds from the National Bank Kisii Branch.

The court later declared him clean from the scandal and was buried on June 13, 2004.

Sources indicate that Anyona’s elder brother Stephenson Mageto was actively involved in the case.

Police forces continually manned his graveside after suspicions rose that there was a plan to exhume Anyona’s body.

The legacy of hon George Moseti Anyona

Hon George Moseti Anyona is among Kenyan politicians who demonstrated bravery during the punitive regimes of Jommo Kenyatta and Daniel Arap Moi.

Anyona will forever remain a Kisii legend for his exceeding generosity and front-line involvement in the fight for multi-party democracy in Kenya.

George Moseti Anyona biography reminds us of a selfless Kisii politician who died struggling with poverty, for sharing all his power and fortune with the poor.

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