Georgina Njenga Baha Breakup

Georgina Njenga Baha Breakup: Former Machachari Actor Tyler Mbaya Kamau Separates with Girlfriend

Georgina Njenga Baha breakup news is causing a wildfire on social media! The separation comes within months of leaked private videos.

The media queen recently came out clean on calling it quits with her long-term boyfriend and Machachari crew, Tyler Mbaya Kamau.

Georgina Njenga Baha breakup

Georgina Njenga confirmed that she is no longer in a relationship with her baby daddy Baha amid a Q&A session on Instagram.

Her blunt message has since sparked mixed reactions from admirers and haters.

During an Instagram Q&A session with her fans on Thursday, July 13, Georgina stated that this was the last time she was going to address this issue.

“No. We broke up.”

Georgina Njenga.

On confirming the separation, Georgina went ahead to state that she is already in another relationship.

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The 22-year-old YouTuber gave a shocking response.

“We broke up. I am in a new relationship with a new man.”

Georgina Njenga.

Most importantly, she confirmed being emotionally secure in her newly founded love.

It is lately a different kind of love for the babe.

“This is a different type of love. I never knew such love existed before, to be honest. I am in a good place.”

Georgina Njenga.

Baha and Georgina who started dating in 2020 moved in together on their first day.

She admits to taking a lead role in their affairs.

“I was the one who made the first move. I really wanted the relationship to work. If he doesn’t propose, I will propose.”

Georgina Njenga.

Baha and his ex-girlfriend Georgina have a beautiful daughter Astra together.

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The emotional separation comes within months of surviving severe media trolls occasioned by a leaked intimate clip.

Georgina Njenga Baha Breakup was long anticipated by Andrew Kibe in one of his rogue videos dubbed “Baha the GEORGINA Kafukuswi.”

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