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History of Chuka University Since 2004: Founders, Campuses, & Constituent College of Egerton

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The history of Chuka University dates back to 2004 when the institution was first established as a constituent college of Egerton University. The varsity initially foretold by seer Jerusha Kanyua in 1951 eventually became a reality in the wake of the 21st century.

Where is Chuka University located? Chuka University is a public higher learning institution located in Chuka town, Tharaka Nithi County, Kenya.

History of Chuka University since 2004

The opening of Chuka University started with the senate of Egerton University with Prof. Erastus Njoka the committee chair.

When was Egerton University started?

1. Establishing Chuka College in 2004

Chuka University began its journey as a constituent college of Egerton University of Science and Technology in 2004.

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During this period, it operated under the name “Chuka University College.” It became operational on August 1, 2005.

2. Attaining full university status in 2013

In 2013, Chuka University was granted full university status by the Kenyan government.

The charter allowed the institution to operate independently and confer its degrees.

3. Continued academic growth

Chuka University has continued to expand its academic offerings and infrastructure over the years.

It has developed a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields, including humanities, social sciences, business, agriculture, environmental studies, and science and technology.

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4. Satellite campus development

The university has invested in the development of its campus facilities, including lecture halls, libraries, laboratories, and accommodations for students.

Here are the campuses;

  • Igembe Campus
  • Embu Campus
  • Chogoria Campus
  • Tharaka Campus
  • Town Campus
  • Egerton Campus (Nairobi CBD)

This growth has contributed to its ability to accommodate a growing student population.

5. Research and innovation

Chuka University has also focused on research and innovation.

It has undertaken various research projects and initiatives aimed at addressing local and national challenges, as well as contributing to the global body of knowledge.

6. Community engagement

Like many universities, Chuka University is engaged in community outreach programs and partnerships with local organizations.

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This engagement helps foster a sense of responsibility and commitment to the local community.

7. Recognition and accreditation

The university has sought recognition and accreditation from relevant educational bodies and organizations.

This recognition is essential for the credibility and quality of its academic programs.

Chuka University history introduces us to the vision and founders of the first university in eastern Kenya.

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