History of Daystar University

History of Daystar University Since 1964: Founder Dr. Donald Smith, Location, & Radio Station

The history of Daystar University is highly awakening since it is a Christ-centered non-denominational higher learning institution that started in Zimbabwe before settling in Kenya.

Where is Daystar located? Daystar University’s main campus is situated in Athi River, about 40 kilometres from Nairobi CBD.

History of Daystar University since 1964

Who is the founder of Daystar? The privately owned Daystar University was founded in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, as Daystar Publications in 1964.

Here is a brief history of recent advancements;

1. Establishment of Daystar in 1964

Who started Daystar University in Kenya? Daystar University founded by Dr. Donald Smith and a group of Christian communicators in 1964 was moved from Zimbabwe to Kenya in 1971.

It was immediately registered as Daystar Communications with a focus on the media industry.

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The institution kick-started operations as a non-profit organization in 1973 with a five-week International Institute for Christian Communication (IICC) course.

2. Foundation as a Christian radio station

Daystar University began as a radio station aimed at spreading Christian teachings through mass media.

Dr. Donald Smith, along with his wife Faye Smith, played a pivotal role in the establishment of the radio station.

As its influence grew, there was a need for formal education in communication, which led to the establishment of the Daystar Communications Training Institute (DCTI).

3. Transition to University in 1985

In 1984, DCTI was granted a Letter of Interim Authority to operate as a university, and it officially became Daystar University in 1985.

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The university expanded its academic offerings beyond communication and journalism to include programs in business, theology, education, and the arts.

4. Continued growth and expansion

Daystar University continued to grow and expand during this period. It established satellite campuses in Athi River and Nairobi, offering a wider range of programs to students.

The university gained a reputation for its commitment to Christian values and academic excellence.

5. Challenges and controversies

About 2010, Daystar University faced intense challenges relating to governance, financial sustainability, and labour disputes.

These challenges led to disruptions in the university’s operations, including student protests and faculty strikes.

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6. Recovery and renewal

Daystar University embarked on a process of recovery and renewal to address the challenges it had faced.

This included efforts to improve governance, financial stability, and the overall quality of education provided.

International broadcaster Larry Madowo is among the most iconic alumna.

It’s important to note that the history of Daystar University is marked by an unwavering commitment to Christian values with a holistic approach.

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