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History of KMTC Since 1927: CEO, Nursing Certification, and Ministry of Health Accreditation

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The Kenya Medical Training College is a public institution in Kenya that provides training in various medical and healthcare disciplines. Inside the history of KMTC is a foundational overview.

The country’s healthcare education landscape is not complete without KMTC in the picture. Provided below is a detailed fact check.

History of KMTC Since 1927

The government owned Kenya Medical Training College runs under the Ministry of Health with a mission of producing competent health professionals through training and research, and consultancy services.

What is the historical background of KMTC?

1. Establishment of KMTC in 1927

KMTC was established in 1927 by the colonial government as the “Native Medical Training School, NMTS”

It was purposed to train medical assistants in various parts of the country. The school initially had only a few students and limited facilities.

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2. NMTS renamed KMTC in 1963

Over the years, the institution evolved and expanded its programs to include training in various healthcare disciplines.

These include nursing, pharmacy, medical laboratory technology, and clinical medicine.

As Kenya gained independence in 1963, the institution’s name was changed to the “Kenya Medical Training Centre, KMTC.”

3. Institutional development

KMTC CEO Dr. Kelly Oluoch continues to develop the institution with the aim of addressing the shortage of skilled healthcare professionals in Kenya.

The institution has expanded its campuses across the country making healthcare education more accessible to students from different regions.

4. Modernization and curriculum enhancement

In recent years, KMTC has focused on modernizing its facilities, curriculum, and training methods to keep up with advancements in healthcare education and technology.

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The institution has also collaborated with other local and international healthcare organizations to ensure its students receive up-to-date training.

5. Impact and contributions to heath care

KMTC has played a vital role in producing a significant portion of Kenya’s healthcare workforce, including doctors, nurses, and medical laboratory technicians.

The institution’s graduates contribute significantly to the healthcare system in Kenya and beyond.

6. Gaining autonomy and recognition in 2011

The Kenyan government granted KMTC autonomous status in 2011, allowing it to manage its affairs more independently.

This move aimed to enhance the institution’s efficiency and responsiveness to the changing healthcare landscape.

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7. Continued growth with about 75 branches

KMTC remains a prominent institution for healthcare education in Kenya.

It continues to expand its programs and campuses to meet the growing demand for healthcare professionals in the country.

How many KMTC branches are there? The official KMTC website indicate that there are at least 71 KMTC branches in Kenya today, more are expected to open soon.

The history of KMTC reflects envisioned opportunities in years to come. While KMTC is not necessary better than University, it commands 85% of Kenya’s health work force.

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