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History of Laikipia University Since 1929: Founders, Location & Egerton University Campus Portal

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Laikipia University located in the outskirts of Nyahururu town is among the most prosperous public universities in Kenya. We look into the history of Laikipia University for its greater mission in the world of academia.

The University has a unique background that has evolved through different educational phases.

History of Laikipia University

The higher learning institution with thousands of students dates back to the precolonial era.

When was Laikipia University started?

1. Laikipia University started in 1929

British Colonial farmer cum educationist William Thomas Alfred Levet is the founder of Laikipia University.

It would serve as a whites-only primary school for several years before expanding into a large–scale Farmers Training College in 1965.

  • 1979 – Animal Husbandry and Industry Training Institute (AHITI) offering certificate courses
  • 1988 – Diploma Science Teacher’s college under the Ministry of Education
  • 1990 – Established as a Campus of Egerton University
  • 2011 – Became a constituent University College of Egerton University 
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The varsity has since expanded in training programs.

2. Constituent College of Egerton University in 2011

Laikipia University began its journey as a constituent college of Egerton University in 2011 following the Laikipia University College Order of 2009.

At this stage, it was known as Laikipia University College and offered a limited range of degree programs.

3. Becoming a full-fledged university in 2013

In February 2013, the institution was granted full university status, becoming Laikipia University.

The development marked a significant milestone, allowing the university to expand its academic programs and administrative functions independently.

4. Growth and development

After becoming a full-fledged university, Laikipia University embarked on a journey of growth and development.

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It expanded its academic offerings, introduced new faculties and departments, and worked on improving its infrastructure and facilities.

5. Academic programs

Laikipia University offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various fields of study.

These include humanities, social sciences, business, education, agriculture, environmental studies, and more.

These programs cater to the diverse educational needs of the region and contribute to the development of the local community.

6. Research and community engagement

Like many universities, Laikipia University engages in research activities to contribute to knowledge creation and address regional challenges.

It also actively participates in community outreach programs, promoting social and economic development in the Laikipia region and beyond.

7. Student body and organization

The university has a diverse student body, including both local and international students.

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It provides an academic environment where students can pursue their educational and research goals.

8. Campus and facilities

Laikipia University has been working on improving its campus infrastructure, including classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and student accommodation, to create a conducive learning environment.

9. Vision and Mission at the core

The university’s vision is to be a “Premier University providing quality education, research, and outreach for sustainable development.”

Its mission is to “Train manpower to meet the development needs of Kenya and the global community, through quality teaching, research, and community service.”

Overall, Laikipia University has attained a huge milestone since its establishment in 1929 as a farmers’ training college.

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