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History of Machakos University Since 1957: Student Enrolment, Location, Portal, Vision & Address

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The history of Machakos University dates back to the mid-20th century; during the pre-colonial period in Kenya. It has since evolved from a community college to the prestigious higher-learning institution we know today.

Founders envisioned a centre of excellence that would attract learners from across the world. Their dreams are still valid about eight decades later.

History of Machakos University since 1957

Where is Machakos University located? MKSU is situated along the busy Machakos-Wote Road in Machakos County, Kenya, East Africa.

The school’s mission is to provide scholarly education through Training, Research and Innovation for the Industrial and socio-economic transformation of communities.

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1. Founding Machakos University in 1957

Machakos University was first established in 1957 as a Technical Rural Training School by the then colonial Government.

It was eventually upgraded to Machakos Technical and Trade School in 1958 and Machakos Technical School in 1967

Thereafter, it was renamed Machakos Technical Training Institute in 1987.

2. Becoming Machakos University College in 2011

MKSU was upgraded to Machakos University College through Legal Notice No. 130, on 16th September 2011. 

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It would remain a constituent college of Machakos University for about 5 years.

3. Receiving a charter in 2016

Machakos University was awarded a charter by the Kenyan government, making it a standalone university effective October 7, 2016.

How many students are at Machakos University? Machakos University has a student population of about 15,000 with nearly 100,000 alumnae.

4. Growth and development

Since the award of a charter, Machakos University has diversified its academic programs in fields such as business, engineering, health sciences, and arts.

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The university has also focused on infrastructure development, research, and community outreach.

5. Collaboration and partnerships

The university has forged various collaborations and partnerships with other institutions, both locally and internationally.

These partnerships aim to enhance research, academic exchange, and the overall quality of education.

The historical background of Machakos University demonstrates an unwavering commitment towards future-centric training programmes.

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