History of Muranga University

History of Muranga University Since 1975: MUT Portal Mut.ac.ke, Vision, Mission and Enrolment

The history of Muranga University dates back to the early 70s when it was a community-level college. It has since undergone tremendous changes with a bold vision and a distinct mission.

A recent award of a charter brings into light the continued expansion in enrolment and training capacity.

History of Muranga University since 1975

Where is Muranga University located? MUT sitting on 60 acres of land lies in Murang’a County, about 1.5 km east of Murang’a Town. It is located 50 km southwest of Embu, 70 km southeast of Nyeri, and about 85 km northeast of Nairobi.

A brief history of Muranga University of Technology is as follows;

1. Muranga University established in 1975

MUT is a successor of Murang’a College of Technology (MCT) which was first established in 1975.

MCT was a constituent college of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) before it was elevated to a full-fledged university.

2. MUT award of charter in 2016

In 2016, the institution was chartered by President Uhuru Kenyatta to become Murang’a University of Technology.

This elevation was part of a broader government initiative in Kenya to increase access to higher education by transforming various colleges and polytechnics into universities.

3. Courses and programs on offer

Over the years, MUT has expanded its academic programs and faculties.

MUT now offers courses in engineering, business, information technology, and other fields at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

4. MUT facilities and infrastructure

With its elevation to university status, MUT has seen spontaneous growth in terms of infrastructure and research facilities.

These include a new administration block and a postmodern library.

5. List of campuses and enrolment

How many campuses does Muranga University have? Among the MUT satellite campuses is a town campus located in the Aharuka Building, Murang’a Town.

Overall, the number of students at MUT is about 15,000.

6. Engagement with the community

The university prides itself on community engagement and has various initiatives aimed at fostering community development and integrating learning with community service.

The history of Muranga University aligns perfectly with the vision of becoming a leading institution in technological innovation, research, training, and outreach.

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