How Many Degrees Does Ruto Have

How Many Degrees Does Ruto Have? 3 Degrees from UoN – Bachelor, Masters & Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor cum President William Samoei Ruto is by far the most learned Head of State in Kenyan history. His eloquence and attention to detail front academic excellence at its best. How many degrees does Ruto have?

The self-proclaimed chief hustler is a well-traveled politician with an admirable curriculum vitae. He is no doubt one of the most brutal tacticians in personal business and national leadership.

How Many Degrees Does Ruto Have?

Which university did Ruto attend? President Ruto is a Doctor of Philosophy degree holder in Plant Ecology at the University of Nairobi (2018).

He graduated in 2018, after six years of enrolling for the course at UoN in August 2012. His thesis was titled;

“Influence of human activities on land use changes on environmental quality of riparian ecosystems: A case study of Saiwa Swamp watershed, Western Kenya.”

William Ruto Thesis paper.

His graduation came two years late on failing to meet the minimum requirements for the higher degree.

In addition, the President has a Master’s degree in Plant Ecology (2011). He is also a Bachelor’s degree holder in Botany and Zoology (1990).

So far, he has a couple of papers published in two renowned journals namely;

  • The International Journal of Research in Environmental Science
  • The Asian Journal of Water, Environment, and Pollution – as required by the Commission for University Education (CUE)

Earlier educational background indicates that William Ruto started schooling at Kamagut Primary School in the Great Rift Valley.

He would proceed to Wareng Secondary School and eventually Kapsabet Boys High School for his A levels. 

Born on December 21, 1966, President William Ruto is 57 years old as of 2024. He has so far achieved 3 degrees from the renowned University of Nairobi.

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