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How Much Do Citizen Actors Get Paid? The Actual Earnings of Citizen TV Actors – Jiffy Pictures

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How much do citizen actors get paid? Citizen Television actors and actresses are reportedly the highest paid with a paycheck of Ksh. 10,000 and Ksh. 25,000 per episode, depending on the role, budget, and level of experience.

Most creators including Jiffy Production pay actors on a daily or weekly basis for a given project.

How much do citizen actors get paid?

According to Gorge Orido, founder and director of Sanaa Theatre Awards, Kenyan actors are compensated for the work done as opposed to monthly agreements.

For that reason, the lowest-paid actors take home nothing while the best part with at least Ksh. 1 million on a good day.

“Television actors can also be paid per episode. Stage actors, however, are usually paid a weekly rate.”

Director Gorge Orido.

The majority of Kenyan actor often volunteer their services in the hope of amassing fame.

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In most cases, the payable amount depends on the number of days an actor is needed and how much they are willing to work for. The amount often ranges between Ksh. 1,000 and Ksh. 10,000.

Here is a comparison of Citizen TV, KTN, and Hollywood payments per episode.

PlatformMinimum –Highest +
Citizen TVKsh. 10,000Ksh. 25,000
MNet Ksh. 25,000Ksh. 100,000
KTNKsh. 5,000Ksh. 10,000
NTVKsh. 5,000Ksh. 10,000
HollywoodKsh. 200,000Ksh. 500,000

Director Orido had this to say when asked about the comparison of pay across different channels.

NTV and KTN actors are the lowest paid, between Ksh 5,000 and Ksh 10,000 per episode. Citizen TV actors are better paid, between Ksh10,000 and Ksh25,000 per episode depending on the roles they play.

“Other platforms like MNet pay in premiums, that is at least Ksh25,000 and above per episode.

“So if six episodes are aired in a month, you earn around Ksh150,000 per month. If they are aired four times, you earn Ksh100,000 per month.”

Director Gorge Orido.

It is evident that the Kenyan film industry is yet to be regulated in terms of salaries and other remunerations reserved for creative.

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The amount of money that Kenyan actors receive for their remuneration varies greatly because the country is still far from signing the minimum wage law for proper regulation.

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