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5 Reasons Why Iconz Errands Limited is the Next Amazon of Kisii and Bordering Counties in Kenya

There comes a time when we can no longer attend to all our daily routines without needing a helper. It is in such cases that the power of digital solutions become evident. A good example is the Iconz Errands Limited app with custom features to help you remain in control.

Most errands require an eleventh-hour partner with instant digital solutions. That is why Iconz Errands in Kisii is determined to block stressful tasks from invading your productive hours and leisure time.

5 Reasons why you need Iconz Errands Limited app

Forget Kilimall and Jumia because Iconz Errands is here to relieve your day from hectic tasks.

Main reasons why you need to download, register, and use the Iconz Errands App are finally out.

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1. It is time and money saving

Iconz Errands Limited guarantees quick delivery of services within deadlines at pocket-friendly rates.

Timely services is an opportunity to cast off worries while saving big and concentrating on more productive activities.

2. Offers instant solutions to everyday problems

Emergencies are inevitable and often take place when we least expect them.

For that reason, quick access to plumbers, electricians, taxi drivers, doctors, and other professionals is all that you need.

Think of a medical or electricity situation and you will appreciate Iconz Errands application at the palm of your hand.

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3. Has created a pool of clients for service providers

Professional and technical service providers have started reaping from a stream of customers posting requests on the Iconz Errands App.

The resulting pool of jobs may soon change how local service providers reach potential customers.

4. It is scaling up the profitability of small businesses

A steady flow of jobs is a big boost to small and medium enterprises.

SMEs are more so enjoying higher profitability from bundles of free services offered on Iconz Errands App.

5. Iconz Errands Limited is creating more jobs in Kisii

Tens are already working at Iconz Errands with the potential of employing additional workers soon.

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Errand runners and service providers comprise a greater number of well-paid employees in the company.

 “The biggest triumph of ICT innovation is an overpowering revolution against loss of time, effort and money in the execution of personal and official tasks.”

Dr Ratemo Makiya, Technoprenuer.

Above all, Iconz Errands founder Dr Ratemo Makiya is passionate about taking the company to another level.

The broad market that Iconz Errands Limited has created is a gold mine for all. These include customers and service providers regardless of speciality.

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