Influencer Frank Obegi Story

Influencer Frank Obegi Story: 4 Murdered – Dumped Kisii Academic Writers or Digital Fraudsters?

Influencer Frank Obegi story is not only heartbreaking but also complicated for lack of proper information on why he was mutilated and dumped at Kijabe Forest alongside three others. Reputable publications allege the incident was an act of revenge.

The killing of Frank Obegi, Fred Obare, Elijah Omeka, and Moses Nyachae happened under unclear circumstances. Family members, neighbours, and friends who have spoken to the press are yet to identify the culprits, leave alone their motive.

Influencer Frank Obegi story and Twitter account

Obegi’s father Mr Evans Mose who had travelled from Nyamira home to City Mortuary on June 21st addressed the press tearfully.

He confirmed learning about the sudden death of his son through a close friend.  

Police reports say Obegi was a resident of the Sunton area within Kasarani. Furthermore, he spent much of his time indoors occasionally roaming entertainment joints.

“He was always in the house and rarely came out. At times he would come in top-of-the-range cars. We are also shocked that his life could end in such a manner.”

Obegi’s neighbour.

Frank Obegi and his three confidants were reportedly living an extravagant lifestyle marked with high-end cars and expensive liquor, and nationwide flights.

Frank Obegi: Wash wash or academic writing?

Most people in the estate knew Frank Obegi as an academic writer.

Contrary to that, his dad Bomwendo knew him as an online worker selling air tickets.

“I last saw my son this year in February…he told me he works online where he is responsible for flight bookings and selling of air tickets.”

Obegi’s father, Evans Bomwendo.

According to his father, the middle-aged Obegi could intentionally switch off his phone for up to a week – especially when loaded with money.

“I thought my son sold air tickets online. That is what he had told me when he left home in February. But now that he has been found dead, I am also shocked what is it that made my son die the way he did…He had money. When he got the money you could see on his WhatsApp status he was in Mombasa, sometimes he was in an aeroplane. I asked him and he told me the money he has is usually commission from the business he was doing.”

Obegi’s father, Evans Bomwendo.

Obegi’s mother says her son led an honest life packed with struggles.

“Just a day before he was found murdered, he called me asking for only Ksh70. I was together with his uncle and I told him that I did not have the money at that moment.”

Frank Obegi’s mother.

Obegi’s brother had this to say following the demise.

“He was a person who was working online and he was an active person on social media, he was a trendsetter and a blogger, maybe he was at the wrong place, at the wrong time with the wrong guys.”

Obegi’s brother.

A mystery lady called Doreen Makena has since surfaced with claims that the deceased Fred Obare scammed her in an academic writing deal worth Ksh. 100,000.

It turns out that Doreen is a lover of the deceased Elijah Omeka.

Frank Obegi arrested because of fraud

Parallel police reports indicate that Obegi was arrested in 2021 upon conning a man through crypto-currency deals.

Initially locked at Kasarani Police Station, he was eventually transferred to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations for thorough interrogations.

As we wait for a detailed police report on influencer Frank Obegi story; social media DCIs say Obegi may have succumbed as a result of a digital fraud gone wrong. His burial and funeral will take place at Bowendo Village in Nyamira on Tuesday, June 28.

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