You are currently viewing Jack Oluoch Nicknamed Password: Video of Citizen TV Exposing ODM Nominations Tension in Homabay
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Jack Oluoch Nicknamed Password: Video of Citizen TV Exposing ODM Nominations Tension in Homabay

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ODM nominations held at Shauri Yako Primary School ended with Jack Oluoch Nicknamed Password on the headlines.

Leading media houses that have covered the viral story of Mr Password from Homabay include Citizen TV, Kenyans, Nation, Tuko, Standard, K24 TV, Pulse, and Mpasho.

Omondi Jack Oluoch Nicknamed Password

The Homa Bay man admits he didn’t know his insistent demands for a Password on National television would make him an internet sensation.

A viral video aired on Citizen TV shows the relaxed Omondi standing next to an otherwise serious explainer of the ODM nomination prejudice.

Netizens found a moment with Omondi for repeatedly saying the word Password in a deep Luo accent and all manner of intonations.

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Jack Omondi Oluoch who started slow ended with a steady rhythm of saying the word ‘PASSWORD’ memorably.

Omondi explains the meaning of Password

The comic Password antics that Jack Oluoch sparked are still alive today in a rather twisted version.

He says the name password came naturally in a moment of frustration with delayed Homa Bay County ODM primaries.

Omondi could not understand why the voting machines arrived without a password.

“I vote here and when I went to vote I was ready by 6 am because I work in the Jua Kali sector; I had to wake up very early and the election devices were late by 3 hours – I was frustrated because they brought the kits and left. Then the person who was supposed to attend to the voters kept telling us there is no password.”

Jack Omondi Oluoch.

At first, the 23 years old Omondi alias Password could not understand why more people including strangers were demanding a photo with him.

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As a result, he remained reluctant not knowing if his viral video was offensive or not.

Omondi famously called Password gradually embraced the video in the hope of becoming the next celebrity.

It turns out Omondi is a talented comedian who has never gotten a platform to flaunt his skills.

The staunch ODM supporter has confirmed he will start shooting fresh content and posting the same on social media with help from a long term friend.

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Omondi Jack Oluoch nicknamed Password is a new face on the widescreens. We can only wish him the best in his newly founded path as a jokester.

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