Jacky Vike Awinja Husband Cyprian Osoro

Jacky Vike Awinja Husband Cyprian Osoro Wedding Photos: Baby Daddy Alfred Ngachi & Son Mosi

Leaked photos of Jacky Vike Awinja husband Cyprian Osoro are still circulating on social media following an invite-only traditional wedding allegedly held on Saturday, April 22nd 2023. Even so, a majority of fanatics are yet to believe that the screen duo is finally a couple.

Awinja Nyamwalo from Papa Shirandula Show allegedly said ‘Yes I Do’ to Osoro in front of close family members, friends and relatives. Surprisingly, the inner circle of fellow celebrities were absent.

Jacky Vike Awinja husband Cyprian Osoro

Photos and videos captured during the wedding of Osoro Osoro and Jacky Vike Awinja would elicit mixed reactions.

Amid congratulation arose intense scepticism saying the exchanging of vows was a skit.

In the clips are seen kitenge-adorned Cyprian Osoro and Jackie Awinja dancing to a Luo rhythm. Within the vicinity is a letter-themed wedding banner resting easy on a wooden structure. On it is written ‘Welcome to Awinjas and Osoros Traditional Ceremony.’

Looking around is a rural setting brought to life by a classy tent packed to capacity with dancing men and women.

In another instance, Osoro is seen dancing profusely with Awinja in front of a semi-permanent house suggesting that the venue was in the village.

Jacky Vike Awinja baby daddy and children

Does Awinja have kids? Yes, Jackie Vike Awinja is a proud mother of a 5-year-old son called Mosi whom she sired with her first husband Alfred Ngachi in June 2017. It is however unclear when she met Nganchi or whether she divorced him.

Posting on social media, Awinja celebrated her son’s 4th birthday in style.

“Yoo guys my Son Mosi just turned 4!! Y’all help me wish him a Happy Birthday and I promise nitamsomea zote one by one😁. We thank God for how far we’ve come, we are grateful.”

Actress Jacky Vike Awinja.

The love of a mother runs in Awinja and she cannot stop talking about the likes and dislikes of her son Mosi.

And yes he loves Spider-Man, Yani everything in this house inakuanga tu Spider-Man this and that hadi akona Sahani ya Spider-Man 😅 Alafu in no time kataniambia Spider-Man ni vitu za watoto.”

Actress Jacky Vike Awinja.

Meanwhile, initial reactions from Kenyans are truly hilarious.

  • Napenda venye ametupea suspense hapa😂😂😂hakuna mtu ako sure ni real ama ni comedy😂😂😂 tuwaache tu.🙌 @jacintamumo19
  • I though all along they were just creating content…nothing serious.Congratulations! @tessthebossbabe
  • Huyu Awinja anapenda jokes sana so hatujui kama hii iko serious or acting. Anyway congratulations if it’s true @naomi.misoi 
  • Kumbe ilikua serious ivi 😂😂😂 and here I thought ilikua tu content 😮😮😂😂 aki shosho media wewe…love is a beautiful thing 😍😍😍 congrats to them@iammariah9 

While it is confirmed Awinja and Osoro are an item, time will certainly tell better.

Photos of Jacky Vike Awinja Husband Cyprian Osoro are lately in the spotlight for the wedding bells at hand.

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