Kangwana Media online TV interview

Kangwana Media online TV interview with Presenter Ali and Nicholas Kioko on YouTube and Tiktok

Kenyan content creator Presenter Ali gave Kangwana Media online TV an exclusive interview on Saturday. The video dubbed Rashid Abdalla wa Kisii has since left netizens talking about Kangwana the Boy. In his favour are exceeding confidence and inborn media accent that many professional journalists lack.

The 17-year-old Charles Onkoba Onkui travelled from Kisii to the capital on November 12, 2021. His first-time tour outside Kisii County exposed him to several Nairobi-based Youtubers.

Kangwana Media exclusive interview with Presenter Ali

The school going Kangwana Media online TV owner is a form four student at Mosora SDA Secondary School; off Kisii Kilgoris Road.

In addition, his home and High School are both within the vicinity of Ogembo market, about 24 kilometres from Kisii Town CBD.

A recent interview with Presenter Ali is notable for promoting Kangwana’s enchanting talent in journalism to many eyeballs.

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Drawing inspiration from Fred Arocho and Hassan Mwana Wa Ali

Speaking to Presenter Ali, Charles Kangwana revealed that his talent sparked in 2011 when he was in class three at Ogembo Mt Camel Academy.

Even at a young age, Kangwana listened to football commentator Fred Arocho. He would often replicate Arocho’s style of presenting footballing news during break time and games time at the field.

In the young boy grew a strong passion for journalism. He has since adopted more role models including Chrispine Otieno, Rashid Abdalla, and Hassan Mwana Wa Ali.

Kangwana Media on Citizen TV

Charles Kangwana the Boy came to the limelight following a touching prime time story aired on Citizen TV by Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla.

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Chrispine Otieno takes credit for discovering and giving Kangwana a rare platform on national television.

As a result, Charles renamed his Mkisii TV to Kangwana Media with a vision of ballooning the audience.

After that came another chance to present a live football match alongside Hassan Mwana Wa Ali.

Charles Kangwana on Tiktok and YouTube

Charleskangwana Tiktok account with about 50k followers is a hot spot of stardom.

On top is a Tiktok video called “ODM receives 3 Land cruisers at Chungwa House” with at least 1 million views, 2.5k comments, and 60k likes.

Furthermore, he runs Kangwana Media YouTube channel with more than 10k subscribers.

YouTubers behind Kangwana Media online TV

A list of Kenyan YouTubers who have supported Kangwana the Boy include Dennis Nyamwembe, Nicholas Kioko, and Presenter Ali.

Charles Kangwana is no doubt thriving within a dense web of content creators from all parts of the country.

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Above all, Kangwana Media online TV is home of talents with an appetite for young creatives without a platform. It is particularly resourceful on breaking news and celebrity interviews.

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