Kenyan Budget Highlights

Kenyan Budget Highlights 2023: President William Ruto First Budget estimated at Ksh. 3.68 Trillion

Kenyan Budget highlights 2023 are finally out after a long speech by Treasury Cabinet Secretary Prof. Njuguna Ndung’u. Azimio leaders who walked out amid the address are still at a standoff.

Financial experts say the budget was designed in line with the bottom-up economic model – the majority of Kenyans feel otherwise.

Kenyan Budget highlights 2023

The government of William Ruto is counting on the controversial Finance Bill to fund the recently unveiled budget.

Prof Ndungu describes it as “the perfect storm” of our time.

“It’s the first Budget that I am going to present…It is also the first Budget under the Bottom Up Economic model. The premise of that is that we are coming from a very devastating kind of economic slowdown. We call it a perfect storm if you want to replicate what the Economic Advisory Team of the President has said.”

CS Prof Ndung’u.

Below is a detailed budget breakdown.

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Government sectorsBudget allocationsPercentages
National Government2.23 trillion61.9
i) Executive2.16 trillion60.1
ii) Parliament40.40 billion1.1
iii) Judiciary22.99 billion0.6
Consolidated Fund Services986.16 billion27.4
County Government385.4 billion10.7
Total Budget3,599,289100.0

Ruto’s first budget is indeed the perfect storm in a nation struggling with a high cost of living.

The fiscal deficit is projected at Sh. 718 billion from Sh. 846.9 billion.

Highlights of the Budget Speech

  • Sh. 35.2 billion to the housing programme
  • Sh. 7.3 billion Kenya urban programme
  • Sh. 5.5 billion Kenya Mortgage Refinance Company
  • Sh. 3.2 billion affordable housing units
  • Sh. 3.3 billion social housing units
  • Sh. 5.5 billion Kenyan informal settlement improvement project phase 2
  • Sh. 5.2 billion for the construction of new markets
  • Sh. 932 million for maintenance of government pools
  • Sh. 1.2 billion for housing units for police and prisons
  • Sh. 637 million for municipal programmes
  • Sh. 150 million footbridges
  • Sh. 300 million development of appropriate building technology
  • Sh. 600 million for the development of Konza technopolis city.
  • Sh. 4.8 billion for the horizontal infrastructure phase one
  • Sh. 1.2 billion for Konza data centre and smart city facilities 
  • Sh. 475 million for construction of Konza complex phase one B
  • Sh. 5.7 billion for the Kenya Advanced Institute of Science and Technology at Konza
  • Sh. 1.3 billion for maintenance and rehabilitation of the national optic fibre
  • Sh. 144.9 billion for the Kenya Defence Forces
  • Sh. 98.6 billion for the National Police Service
  • Sh. 44.3 billion National Intelligence Service
  • Sh. 31.3 billion Kenya Prisons Service
  • Sh. 141.2 billion for the health sector.
  • Sh. 244.9 billion for infrastructure
  • Sh. 3.9 billion to Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission
  • Sh. 3.6 billion for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
  • Sh. 8 billion Directorate of Criminal Investigations 
  • Sh. 8 billion for the Office of the Auditor General.
  • Sh. 628.6 billion for the Education sector
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The budget pdf is now available online.

Kenyan Budget 2023 highlights are sparking nationwide debates even as the opposition continues to mount resistance.

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