You are currently viewing Kiberiti Story in Kenya and Why Kiberiti is trending: infidelity matchbox, a myth or science?
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Kiberiti Story in Kenya and Why Kiberiti is trending: infidelity matchbox, a myth or science?

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Kiberiti story in Kenya is a fast spreading conspiracy theory attracting mixed reactions from reproductive health workers. The logic behind this disputed myth rests on the chemicals used to manufacture matchstick heads. Claims that one can alter the gender and, indeed, looks of their children is mind blowing.

What is the meaning of kiberiti? The Swahili name kiberiti translates to matchbox in English. Kiberiti means a small box with fire starting match sticks. It is exciting to realize that a matchbox on your kitchen shelf could possibly determine who your next child resembles.

How the trending kiberiti story in Kenya started

A heated kiberiti conversation started with a leaked WhatsApp chat between an infidel woman and her extramarital lover.

The screenshot explains how the woman is planning to get pregnant for the Mpango wa Kando.

She seems ready to fall for the man as soon as her husband leaves home for the KCSE marking exercise. The funny story goes on.

Leaked kiberiti conversation screenshots

A section of the captured kiberiti chat on WhatsApp reads as follows;

Woman: Sweet boy

Man: Sasa

Woman: Poa, huyu mjinga ataenda KCSE marking, I will be yours for two weeks

Man: Really? When?

Woman: Soon, Lazima nibebe mimba yako, I will be on my fertile days, don’t disappoint.

Man: Na akigundua?

Woman: Don’t worry, ntaweka kiberiti, mtoto atatoka akinifanana.

Source: UGC

Curious Kenyans are seeking to know more about the kiberiti story, which has already gone viral on the internet.  

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Why kiberiti is trending in Kenya

The #Kiberiti hashtag started with the last section of the WhatsApp chat, where the infidel woman is convinced that using a kiberiti can change the looks of her child.

Why is kiberiti trending in Kenya? Dr Kalee’s controversial reasoning fuelled Kenyans to look for better answers on how matchstick particles can alter the looks of a child.

Dr Kalee explains the kiberiti story trending on Twitter

The self-proclaimed doctor love (Dr Kalee) argues that the particles have in them an active sulphur chemical, which directly alters the Y chromosomes.

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Dr Kalee, further, explains that the sulphur chemical affects the sperms by neutralizing them. The resulting effect is slowed Y Chromosomes.

In the end, sulphur tampers with the father’s DNA and lessens the chances of a foetus looking like their dad.

The mysterious Dr Kalee ended by describing the unnamed infidel woman, a daughter of Jezebel.

Dr Kalee on how to use the infidelity matchbox

A post by Dr Kalee gave brief directions on the use a kiberiti to change the looks of a new-born.

  • First, extract the particles from about three matchsticks
  • Secondly, crush and apply at the circumference of a birth area, three hours before intercourse
  • Finally, go on with your intimate business and let the sulphur do its magic of altering the baby to resemble their mother.

The whole kiberiti concept met scientists unprepared, we can only wait for their final opinions in days to come.

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Can an infidelity matchbox alter a cheating wife’s child?

There is no proven scientific evidence to support the fact that matchstick heads can alter the looks and gender of a baby, if at all safely.

Kiberiti trending news continues to share candid answers on the emergent matchstick and sperms theory.

Trending kiberiti story in Kenya, Is it safe?

Gynaecologists are yet to issue a detailed statement about the alleged kiberiti trick dubbed infidelity matchbox.

For this reason, the kiberiti story in Kenya remains a myth without sufficient grounds.

Did you know that the ordinary word kiberiti has a new definition on social media? Well, it means an unfaithful relationship partner.

The spark of kiberiti story in Kenya has opened room for online scientists to pour uncensored chemistry ideas. Above all, it remains a myth until laboratory scientists say otherwise.

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