Kisii Blogger Duke Nyabaro Aron

Kisii Blogger Duke Nyabaro Aron Body at Getembe Estate in a Suspected Case of Murder or Suicide

Duke Nyabaro Aaron body was on Sunday morning discovered hanging loosely on a belt by a roadside kiosk at Getembe Estate in Kisii town.

Initial police report by County Commander Charles Kasses suspected the incident as a possible case of murder or suicide. On the other hand, eye witnesses say that the kiosk’s structure was too weak to hold up his body weight with his feet clearly touching the ground.

Kisii blogger Duke Nyabaro Aron mourned

The 35 years old influencer and blogger who doubles up as a TSC employed professional teacher met his sudden death under unclear circumstances.

Here is what the local singer cum politician Echate said on social media.

“This young man was either poisoned in the club or str**gled to death before hanging him on that kibanda. Hakuna siku mtu utapiga magoti kama umejinyonga!!!!!! #JusticeForDuke is a MUST!!!!!!!”

Echate Generation.

Several other influencers have since joined hands to spearhead justice for the allegedly slain blogger.

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The mourning family says Duke did not return home on Saturday night after a night out with friends in Kisii town.

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